Discontinuation of Bacchus Marsh late bus service

December 13, 2019

St Patrick’s College has decided that, due to declining passenger numbers, it will discontinue its Bacchus Marsh late bus service in 2020.

The service has been running for 17 years, transporting boys home on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with stops at Gordon, Ballan and Bacchus Marsh. The College has never offered such services for other towns in the region.

Historically this service was established for boys playing after-school sport however in recent years  it has also been used by music students and boys attending homework club.

With an improvement in public transport offerings, including more frequent train services and buses connecting the College with the Ballarat train station, the number of boys using our service has declined significantly. In Term 4, just one student used the service while earlier in the year there were many occasions where just one or two students were using the service.

The College believes that the improved public transport available is sufficient to enable students from the Bacchus Marsh region to still access after-school activities and be able to commute home easily and safely.

Alternately, the College also provides flexi-boarding opportunities for families who may wish to have their son stay overnight at times. For more information about this opportunity we encourage parents to contact our Director of Boarding Mr Mike Silcock at msilcock@stpats.vic.edu.au

Should you have any questions about this decision please contact me at eryan@stpats.vic.edu.au