Donation of violin in honour of Old Collegian

May 27, 2020

Michael Knowles donates the family heirloom to St Patrick’s College.

St Patrick’s College has today been delighted to receive a donation of a classic old violin in honour of Old Collegian Valentine Knowles who attended the College from 1938-41.

Valentine’s on Michael brought the fine instrument to the College today asking that it be used in the College’s music program.

“My grandfather played this instrument and my father played this instrument and I played this instrument,” Mr Knowles said.

“Now I would like to donate it so that a new generation can enjoy it.”

Mr Knowles said he would love to know that the century-old instrument is being put to use by lovers of music today.

“Particularly it would be great if the College could find a young man who may be from a financially disadvantaged background who could learn to play on this violin,” he said.

Mr Knowles said the instrument was originally made in Paris in the 1910s or 1920s and had remained as a family heirloom since.

The College’s Head of Music Fiona Wilson said she was grateful to receive such a donation and would seek to follow Mr Knowles’ wishes for its future use.

“We will find a place to display the instrument in the College until we identify the ideal student who may wish to learn how to play,” Ms Wilson said.