Dr Nicholas Siemensma (SPC 1960-63)

October 23, 2023

Nicholas Siemensma, pictured in his Leaving class year in 1962.

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Old Collegian Dr Nicholas Siemensma (SPC 1960-63) who died in late September 2023. A service was held in the Boyd Chapel at Springvale Botanical Cemetery on 6 October 2023.

Nicholas was a day student at SPC and started his proficiency studies and continued through to his matriculation. Nicholas was a prefect and won numerous scholastic prizes during his time at SPC.

He was also named dux of the Leaving Class in 1961 and Dux in 1961 and Nicholas was active across school life from athletics, football and rowing to the cadets program.
After completing his studies at SPC, Nicholas studied medicine in Melbourne and became an accomplished allergy specialist and immunologist in East Melbourne.

He was retired at the time of his passing.

Nicholas, pictured in the 1963 College Annual, as one of the College Prefects of the 1963 school year.


Nicholas was a member of the Thirds Football team, as pictured in the 1963 College Annual.

Nicholas was also a member of the 1963 SPC Athletics Team, which were crowned BPS Champions.

Nicholas was also actively involved in the rowing program, pictured above in the fourth crew in 1962.