Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy

June 24, 2015

KENNEDY, Edward- ‘Ted’- – – SPC 1910-1912

DoB:– – c1894

Edward, known as Ted, was a boarder at St Patrick’s. During his time at the College he was a keen athlete and cricketer. In 1910 he was awarded First Prize at the Melbourne Agricultural Show for his folding chair, hand made by Ted in the sloyd class.

In the 1912-13 State Public Service Exam he attained 81% overall, completing the following subjects: Geography (Distinction), English, French, History, Arithmetic and Geometry.

The College liked to keep up to date with news of old boys who enlisted for service in WWI. In the Annual of 1916-17, it was reported that,

-‘-¦Edward Kennedy was among the first of the College old boys to have enlisted. He sailed with the 7th Battalion -¦ and after training in Egypt, went to the Dardanelles, where he took part in the landing, when he was wounded. Altogether he received ten wounds. He was sent to England to a hospital in London. When he was again able to travel, he toured Ireland and Scotland, and returned to Australia in 1915. He rose to the rank of Company Sergt-Major. Ted is only 23 years of age -¦’

This was the only information the College could find about Edward Kennedy.