Enhanced Learning at St Patrick’s College

May 9, 2018

Enhanced Learning

At the beginning of the year Enhanced Learning welcomed Maya Watters to St. Patrick’s College as a Facilitator, and Karla Strambini, Maree Stevenson and Michelle Norton as Teaching Assistants. In total Enhanced Learning have 3 Facilitator’s as well as the Enhanced Learning Coordinator and 13 TAs who ably assist identified students (funded and non-funded). These students and their families are supported during termly PSGs or phone calls that include teacher feedback. This is layered on top of P/T Interviews and reports. Teachers and TAs work collaboratively to support students in programs such as Linguistics, Foundation English and Foundation Math’s and many other subjects. We also support identified students who require assistance with organization, focus, work completion and Excursion assistance.

Enhanced Learning offer assistance in Homework Group to identified students who are invited to attend on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday after school. This is a wonderful initiative as the students are supported by TAs who are often in classrooms in their subjects and can assist them with homework completion.

We are proud to announce that Mrs. Fiona McKenny will be working two days per week at St. Patrick’s College as a Speech Pathologist. This has been a wonderful addition to our resident Provisional Psychologist Rebecca Petrie. Fiona will work closely with students who need assessments, Speech articulation, work readiness preparation, Social Skills groups etc. Fiona will work collaboratively with Enhanced Learning and Student Services to best support our students.

Another welcome addition to Enhanced Learning this term is the assistance of Kylie O’Brien as Administration Support for Enhanced Learning. Kylie will be kept very busy in her new role and we are grateful for her expertise.

There are changes to the previous funding SWD which will now be called National Collection of Consistent Data (NCCD). More updates will be given at a later date.

Mrs Maria Richards

Enhanced Learning Coordinator