Enjoying long-lost friendships at the Emerald

March 22, 2024

Old Collegians John Costa (SPC 1953-59), Robert Sparkes (SPC 1961-68), Paul Shannon (SPC 1958-68), Noel Forster (SPC 1963-68) and Klaudio Didach (SPC 1964-68 ) at the March lunch.

A most enjoyable afternoon was enjoyed by Old Collegians attending the Autumn Paddies Luncheon at the start of March at the Emerald Hotel in south Melbourne.

From left, Klaudio Dadich (SPC 1964-68), Gerard Fogarty (SPC 1965-68), Tim Sheridan (SPC 1964-67, PY1968) and Michael Dowd (SPC 1964-69).

It was great to see two Old Boys attending the lunch for the first time, Robert Sparks (SPC 1961-68) and Klaudio Dadich (SPC 1964-68), who had not seen each other for 56 years since their school days together.

Robert flew down to Melbourne especially to surprise the luncheon group, and both Robert and Klaudio, along with the group, spent an enjoyable afternoon together.

Noel Forster (SPC 1963-68) also called in from his home base in Perth, often co-inciding his trips to Victoria with SPC-related activities.

A little-known statistic that readers may find interesting is that of the 130 attendees to the Paddies seasonal luncheons to date, only three have passed away – SPC Legend Laurie Larmer OAM (SPC 1935-40), Leon Borelli (SPC 1965-68) and John ‘Wossle’ Szewczuk (SPC 1969-71).

So the message from the organisers is – attend the luncheon and live longer!

The Paddies Four Season Lunches are held at the start of each season for Old Collegians at The Emerald, 415 Clarendon Street, at 12 noon for a 12.30 gathering.

The next lunch will be the Paddies Winter Lunch to be held on Friday 7 June.

Subsequent lunches will be held on Friday 6 September (Spring) and Friday 6 December (Summer).

For more information about the lunches, please contact organisers Michael Dowd (SPC 1964-69) at mjdowd@hotmail.com or via phone on 0407 680 682 or Noel Sheehan (SPC 1964-70) at noel@stafforgserv.com.au or via phone on 0418 509 809.

From left, Alan Swindon (SPC 1958-59, PY1960), Ron Collins (SPC 1958-61), John Costa (SPC 1953-59), John Ardlie (SPC 1957-60, PY1961), Gavan Williamson (SPC 1955) and Ray Brady (SPC 1952-60).

Old Collegians enjoy the opportunity to catch up at the Paddies seasonal lunches in Melbourne.