Fr Frank Ferrie (SPC 1948, PY1949)

February 16, 2021

Fr Frank Ferrie.

Fr Frank Ferrie (SPC 1948, PY1949) died on November 9, 2020 after spending his life dedicated to others as a Columban Missionary in Korea for over half a century.

A Requiem Mass was held at Columban House, in Jeju City, Korea where Fr Frank called home. There were two Bishops and 60 priests in attendance at his funeral. Fr Frank recalled experiencing the call to become a priest and particularly, a Columban Missionary, during his secondary school years after listening to his parish priest talk about his own stories of life in Korea.

Fr Frank Ferrie worked tirelessly in Korea.

Fr Francis was ordained in 1955 by Arch Bishop Justin Simmonds at St Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne and sailed to Korea the following year to become a missionary, introducing the YCW movement, to the Korean communities. During the 1980s, Fr Frank spent some time back in Australia as Bursar to the Columban seminary in North Turramurra and as Chaplain to the Korean catholic community in Sydney. He returned to Korea in 1985 to a hill-top ministry in a very poor shanty area in Seoul before being reappointed to regular parish work on the island of Jeju, off the south coast of Korea, and was pastor of a number of parishes for many year until his semi-retirement and appointment to the management of the Columban house in Jeju City where Columbans and others come for rest and recreation particularly during the summer months. Fr Frank worked tirelessly for the Diocesan Migrant Ministry.

To read more about his time abroad, read a reflection written by Fr Frank here for The Far East publication back in 2014, and another here
Frank grew up in Essendon, in Melbourne with three sisters and came to SPC in 1948. Despite only being at SPC for one year, Frank was an active participant in school activities, and was involved in St Vincent de Paul, rowing, football (second XVIII), athletics and cadets. Frank completed his Leaving Certificate and was fourth-placed in the top achievers.

Frank Ferrie in his Leaving Class in 1948.

Cadet Lieutenant Frank Ferrie, pictured in this Officers photograph, in the 1948 College Annual.

Frank Ferrie, pictured in the Second XVIII Football photo in the 1948 College Annual.