Francis De Courcy Mann

July 20, 2015

MANN, Francis De Courcy- – – – SPC 1893-1897

DoB:- – 2 August 1882, Ballarat, VIC

Father:- – Thomas Mann, solicitor

Mother:- – Emilia De Courcy, nee Maloney

Frank Mann was a Foundation student at St Patrick’s College. He completed his Matriculation in the following subjects: English, Latin, French (Honours), History, Physics (Honours), Arithmetic, and Euclid, a branch of Algebra.

After leaving St Patrick’s he completed a Law degree at Melbourne University and worked as a barrister and solicitor.

Service No:- –

Rank:- – Lieutenant, later Captain

Unit:- – 37th Battalion

Frank Mann enlisted on 2 August 1915 at the age of 34 years and four months. He was a single man, five feet, ten inches tall, with a sallow complexion, brown eyes and dark brown hair.

Lieutenant Mann embarked from Melbourne on 3 June 1916, disembarking at Plymouth on 25 July. After a couple of months undergoing further training in England, he proceeded overseas to France at the end of November 1917. He was wounded in action on 17 February 1918, but was able to remain at his post.

In May 1918 he was admitted to the 39th General Hospital at Havre, France for treatment for venereal disease. The medical report on a -‘Disabled Officer’ found:

– -‘Disability:- – Syphilis -“ nasal disease

– Date of origin:- – 1904

– Place of origin:- – Victoria

– Admitted into the 39th GH 18.5.18 with nasal discharge due to necrosis [-¦illeg-¦] Tested positive, Wasserman. Under syphilitic treatment there until 12.6.18 when he was transferred to the Grove Military Hospital, Tooting, where he had been under treatment until August 12. Since Dec 1916 he has had some nasal discharge which he thought was catarrh.

He still has discharge from the nose which is offensive, crusts come away in the morning. General health is good. No records of blood examination since Board on Aug 8. He does not seem to have been under general treatment’.

Captain Mann was invalided to the UK on 10 June 1918 to undergo further treatment for venereal disease, in total being hospitalised for 74 days. He remained in England and was appointed as a legal advisor at Head Quarters in London. On 15 November 1919 he returned to Australia aboard the Ormonde.

Frank returned to Ballarat and continued his legal practice. He lived initially with his parents and siblings at 3 Errard Street North, moving around 1942 to 23 Lydiard Street North. He was also married by this time, to Margaret Jean Taylor.

The couple remained in Ballarat until November 1950, when they relocated to the Melbourne suburb of Windsor, living at 6 Lewisham Road. Margaret and Frank had no children.

Frank died on 20 January 1959, aged 77 years, succumbing to pneumonia. He was buried at the Melbourne General Cemetery in Carlton.