From the Assistant Principal – Staff and Culture

September 9, 2022

by Mr Tom Ferguson, Assistant Principal – Staff and Culture

Recently, students completed their subject selections for the 2023 school year. This is a significant undertaking within the College which shapes the subject availability and timetable for the upcoming year. As with previous years, students will receive a confirmation of subject allocations once we have begun working through the timetabling process. I ask that all students who desire to change subjects please wait until they have their initial selections confirmed, early in term 4. This ensures that the timetabling process is effective.

Students will return on Monday, October 3. Tuesday, October 4, will see our transfer of leadership assembly, where we celebrate the contribution of the current student leadership and install our 2023 leaders, congratulations to all those boys who have and will lead the College with esteem, your work is greatly appreciated.

Head Start

In previous years the College has run a Head start program for Year 12 students. This year, we will run the program for the entire school. Essentially, all students will move up into their next year level for the final two weeks of term 4. Coupled with this, is a transition to a new timetable model, which we have been working on throughout the course of the year. To my knowledge, this is the first major overhaul of the timetable in over a decade, and I thank all staff involved in their expertise to inform the new timetable. Further details will be distributed throughout Term 4.

I hope your sons enjoy a well earned break.