Full football report – May 1, 2015

April 28, 2015

Football Report

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The football programme under the leadership of Mr Howard Clark has created an SPC Football website. All matters pertaining to each of the Junior, Intermediate and Senior programmes will be will be updated on a weekly basis.

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Junior Programme

SPC Gold 9 -“ 4 – 58 – – – – – – – – – – – – – Defeated – – – – – – – SPC White 7 -6 – 48

SPC Gold Goal Kickers: Will Clark 2, Aiden Hanrahan 2, Jackson Kurzman, Charlie Wheatland, Nathan Achinson, Charlie Martin, Harry Fraser

SPC Gold Best Players: Angus Creelman, Aiden Hanrahan, Mitchell Nicholson, Jackson Kurzman.

Best Players White: Jimmy Wallesz, Ethan Prenc, Broden Haintz, Kyle Borg

SPC White Best Players: Broden Haintz 3, Kyle Borg 2, Nicholas Spratling 2

In a tight tussle from start to finish SPC Gold come away with the win. A four goal third quarter to SPC Gold proved to be the difference on on the day. Led by the likes of Creelman and Hanrahan it was a great team effort to notch up the first win of the season. SPC White were gallant in defeat with some great individual efforts and an overall strong showing, surely SPC White will bounce back for a win next week.

Tom Ferguson

SPC White Coach

SPC Gold 6-“ 2 – 88 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Defeated – – – – – – – Ballarat Grammar 1 – 0 – 6

SPC Gold Goal Kickers: Jackson Kurzman, Max Wood 2, Aiden Hanrahan, Angus Creelman 1

SPC Gold Best Players: Angus Creelman, Bailey Okeefe, Jamie Quick, Harry Irvine,- Jackson Kurzman

On a glorious late autumn afternoon the boys from Nunan took on a much taller and bigger team from Ballarat Grammar on the Grammar main oval.- It seems the 2015 Nunan team will be small, fast and skilful and this was on display from the start of the match. Winning the ball well and a great centering kick from Charlie Martin gave Max Wood the first goal of the game. Some great footwork from Jackson Kurzmann created the second and the scores were 3 goals to nil at quarter time.- The second quarter was a stalemate and then three further goals after half time saw convincing win to Nunan. A great smother by one of the smallest players in Blake Quinlan demonstrated some tough play as well as the skilful outside running. Well played boys and we look forward to next week’s contest against Galvin. –

Chris Gleeson

SPC Nunan Coach

SPC Green 13 -12- 90- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Defeated- – – – – – – – SPC White 4 -“ 4 – 28 – – – – – –

Goal Kickers Green: Isaac Grant, Hudson Wilde 4, Max Scoble 2, Callum Shaw, Chad Peterkin, Michael Mennen.

Best Players Green: Isaac Grant, Will Peucker, Sam Tipper, Thomas Duggan, Matt Harbour, Max Scoble, Hudson Wilde, Michael Mennen

Goal Kickers White: Jimmy Wallesz 2, James Loader, Ryan Aikman

Best Players White: Kyle Borg, Jimmy Wallesz, Ryan Aikman

SPC Green started well with a goal from the first bounce and it was clear from the outset that the Galvin team were going to be a force. Will Peucker was a focal point winning many ruck duels and his dominance around the ground with speed and clever play caused headaches for the opposition.

Hudson Wide and Izaac Grant looked dangerous up forward, both kicking four goals apiece.

The all round team performance from Green proved too strong despite some positive individual performances from some of the SPC White players.

Garry Fitzsimons

SPC Green Coach

– – – – – –

On a great day for football SPC Green proved too fast, tall and polished for SPC White. SPC White fought hard but were simply unable to account for a lack of talls missing through inter league commitments and injury. Some strong individual efforts by Jimmy Wallesz, Kyle Borg and Ryan Aikman proved invaluable. A special mention must go to Zac Grant for SPC Green who played an astounding game including 4 goals and too many possessions to count, well done Zac.

Tom Ferguson

SPC White

SPC Green 18 -13 – 121 – – – – – – Defeated – – – – – – – BHS Green 1 -“ 0 – 6

Goal Kickers: Zac Grant 8, Lachlan Wright 4, Matt Harbour 2, Michael Mennen, Bailey O’Keeffe, Harry Biggs, Sam Tipper.

Best Players: Matt Harbour, Will Peucker, Zac Grant, Dechlan Bailey, Jed Labbett, Brayden Sands.

The SPC Green team scored an impressive 115-point-win over BHS Green. With only 15 available players due to Inter-league commitments .The SPC Green team applied pressure from the opening bounce and set up plenty of chances as the booted three majors of the match and set the tempo for the rest of the game. Lachlan Wright and Michael Mennen scored two of these goals pushing forward from half forward, while key midfielders Zac Grant and Jed Labbett had an impact through the middle of the ground. But it was a team commitment to tackling and pressuring the High school team. Quick transition from defence to attack was also highlight of the Galvin game to run out convincing winners.

Garry Fitzsimons

SPC Green Junior-

SPC Blue (Keniry) 21 -“ 14 -“ 140- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Defeated – – – – – – – Ballarat College 2 -“ 4 -“ 16

Goal Kickers: Rhys Elliot 5, Laclan Payne 3, Ben Dodd 3, Jack McCallum, Cooper Brennan, Sam McDougall, Jack Parente, Lleyton Rodd, Hunter- Donald, William Henderson, Rhys Perry, Max Tassell, Harry Venner

Best Players: Ben Dodd, Hunter Donald, Sam McDougall, Rhys Elliot, Lachlan Payne, Jack Parente

– The SPC Blues opened their account this year with a comfortable win over a lack-lustre Ballarat College side. Ben Dodd, Hunter Donald and Sam McDougall were excellent on ball making the most of the ball out of the middle. Alex Kirby and Will Henderson were tremendous in the ruck giving our mids first use of the ball.

Up forward, Rhys Elliott used his strong body to good effect posting five majors. Laclan Payne was also good as a small mobile mid-forward post three goals in a tremendous performance. Jack Parente also showed his ability both on ball and in the forward line.

John Richards

Keniry Coach

SPC Keniry Blue- – – – – – 23 -“ 8 -“ 146- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Defeated- – – – – – – – Mt Clear College 0 -“ 0 – 0

Goal Kickers: Rhys Elliott 4 , Lachlan Payne 3 , Hugh McManus 3 , Hunter- Donald 2 , Siddharth Rajesh 2 , Alex Kirby 1 Jack McCallum 1 , Max Rowe 1 , Lachlan Sultana 1 , Nathan Sutton – 1, William Henderson 1 , James Doherty 1 , Tom Muir 1, Tyler Nunn 1 , Max Riding 1-

Best Players: Hunter Donald, William Henderson, Rhys Elliott, Siddharth Rajesh, Sam McDougall, Sam Catley

The SPC Blues this week journeyed out to Mt Clear to take on the Mt Clear Clear College on their home ground.

The St Pat’s boys started sluggishly and it took the some three minutes to score their first goal. Once the Keniry machine got going there was no stopping it, piling on eleven goals by the end of the first half.

The second half saw the St Pat’s boys continue to dominate. First gamers Sam Catley, Will, Rothe, Siddarth Rajesh, Max Riding, Tyler Nunn, – Max Campana and James Doherty all could be pleased with their efforts playing their respective roles well.

Senior players Sam McDougall, Hunter Donald, Will Henderson, and Rhys Elliott all showed tremendous leadership. Rhys completed the game with four goals and fellow forwards Laclan Payne and Hugh McManus both booted three goals each.

A comprehensive victory. The Keniry Blues are off to a good start, the challenge now is to continue to build on this early success against the tougher competition that will come later in the season.

John Richards

SPC Blue Coach


Ballarat College Intermediate 11 -“ 4 -“ 70- – Defeated SPC White (Year 9) 4 -“ 5 29

Goal Kickers: Tom Clark 1, Sam Duffy 1, Ned Nash 1, Kris Swan 1

Best Players: Tom Clark, Charlie Perks, Fletcher Loader, James Herbertson, Ned Nash,

SPC White were defeated by a physically stronger Ballarat and Clarendon College side last Tuesday night. Played on the tight confines of our SPC Hill Oval, the game was quite congested and Clarendon’s larger bodies was quite telling in the context of the game.

Ballarat Clarendon College kicked with the aid of a four goal wind in the first quarter and kicked five goals in a very impressive display of junior football. Unfortunately, we didn’t score during this term however players like Tom Clark, Fletcher Loader and Ned Nash continually battled against their larger opponents.

Ballarat Clarendon College controlled the game in the first 10 minutes of the second quarter kicking three unanswered goals and had opened up a 50 point lead. Tom Clark kicked our only goal of the quarter converting from 40 metres from a strong mar. James Herbertson was influential during this term, repelling several Ballarat and Clarendon’s forward entries and his ability to run and carry the ball was extremely pleasing.

Our second half was outstanding with the Year 9 team outscoring their much older opponents. As our players adjusted to the speed and physicality of the game, it was pleasing that players like Charlie Perks, Isaac Petzel and Kris Swan used their bigger frames to bring their smaller team mates into the game. As our confidence grew, opportunities arose and it was so pleasing that although several of our players who were concerned with the physical difference between themselves and their opposition, played with aggression and intent which was translated onto the score board.-

Senior Programme

SPC Blue 8 -“ 8- – 56 – – – – – – – – – – – – Defeated- – – – – – – – – Ballarat Clarendon College- 1 -“ 3 – 9

Goal Kickers: Jarman Reid 3, Patrick Fairhead, Daniel Johnstone Max Scales, Jaylen Marshall, Jack Herbert 1.

Best Players: Cameron Pither, Jack Herbert, Jett Herrmann, Jarman. Reid, Angus Dundon, Tim Liston

The much anticipated first match of the season arrived against traditional rivals- Clarendon College. With up to 15 new players in the SPC Blue team it was a great opportunity for players to impress. The first quarter was a frantic affair with SPC missing several easy shots on goal and not really making use of the breeze. Eventually scoreboard pressure was applied with four late goals in the quarter.

Being clean with the ball and making correct decisions was a highlight of the first half with Cam Pither dominant in winning the ball and Jack Herbert running the lines well off half back. Max Scales and Jarman Reid were busy in the forward line kicking goals when opportunities presented themselves. The second term was more dominance form SPC with Clarendon unable to win the ball and apply any pressure on the scoreboard.

Unfortunately, on the stroke of half time an ugly melee erupted which led to Clarendon calling off the match. This was a disappointing way to end the match and the SPC boys were reminded that this type of behavior is never acceptable and to learn from this experience.

Ross Wise

2nd XVIII Blue Coach

SPC Green (Year 10) – – – – – – – – – – 7 -“ 4 -“ 46- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Defeated – – – – – – – SPC White- – – – 6 -“ 5 – 41

2nd XVIII SPC White Best: Mitch Canny, Billy Hoye, Brayden Leonard, Tom Wakefield, Clay Raine

Goal Kickers White: Mitch Canny 2, B. Griffiths 2, Xavier Curran, Joe Downey 1

Year 10 SPC Green Best: – Matt Thacker, Aiden Domic, Jordan Johnson, Nick Stuhldreier, Bailey Medwell, Sam Griffiths

Goal Kickers Green: David Smith 2, Nick Stuhldreier, Jordan Grant, Joe O’Donnell, Sam Griffiths, Callum McKenzie

In what was a quality contest for our opening match of the BAS season, the 2nd XVIII White team started well and used their bigger, stronger bodies to control the flow of the game early. Sam Griffiths and Matt Thacker were very busy in defence for the Year 10 team , repelling constant attacks and responding well to the physical pressure. As the Year 10 midfield settled and started to apply some heat around the ball carriers, turn overs started to occur. Jordan Johnson, Jordy Grant and Mitch Tuddenham were excellent when spreading from the contest for the Year 10 team, while Aiden Domic and Harry Lamb ran well off half back to provide options. Mitch Canny provided a solid option- up forward for the 2nd XVIII and kicked 2 goals of his own. Nick Stuhldreier and Bailey Medwell were excellent targets through the midfield, marking well and hitting up forward targets easily. Joe Downey kicked a fantastic running goal through the middle of the ground and got the 2nd XVIII back in the game. Brayden Leonard was tireless down back repelling attacks all game whilst midfielders Raine, Wakefield and Hoye went hard at the contest to try and provide first use of the football for the 2nd XVIII. David Smith and Joe O’Donnell made the most of their opportunities for the Year 10 team, and showed some creative flair when needed.

Overall, the contest was won by the team that responded best to the pressure around the contest and were more efficient users of the football. The highlight of the game was watching how well the Year 10 team transitioned the ball from kick-ins and took shots on goal at the other end of the ground. If the remaining games of the BAS season are at the quality of this one, we are sure to see some excellent football played by our boys.


St Patricks defeat valiant St Kevin’s

St Patrick’s College 9 – 5 59 – – – – – – – – – – – – – defeated- – – – – – – – St Kevin’s College 5 – 9 39

Goal Kickers: Jackson Carrick, Sam White, Pat Fitzgibbon 2, Ezekiel Frank, Tom Williamson, Ben Simpson 1

Best Players: Leigh Spiteri, Mickitja Rotumah-Onus, Sam White, Hasker Dawborn, Joel Cowan, Ben Simpson, Yestin Eades

Despite having the same amount of scoring shots, it was St Patrick’s College who ran out 20 point victors in the annual contest against St Kevin’s College.

In a hard fought contest, it was clear from the beginning that St Kevin’s had come to play and were not going to be easy beats for the favoured St Patrick’s.

SKC came to Ballarat with a clear game plan of a short hit up kick and to turn and go straight away, this seemed to work well early as St Pats were failing to be accountable.

Two costly turnovers on the wing and half forward for SPC gave St Kevin’s there two goals for the first half as the paddy boys kicked five straight.

As tempers flared, it was fair to say St Kevin’s College should have been in the lead after kicking five behinds along with their two goals.

Instead, a 13 point buffer for the home side and it was theirs to lose from there as they started to get on top of their opponents as SKC began fumble under the St Patrick’s pressure.

Goals to Jackson Carrick and Sam White in the 3rd quarter kicking with the wind extended the lead to 19 points at the last change.

St Kevin’s College managed to get the deficit cut back to two goals with 15 minutes to go however despite a number of opportunities, continued the trend of not capitalising and two goals to Pat Fitzgibbon late ensured a 20 point win for the boys in the green, white and blue.

Things did not all go to plan for SPC, as Jacob Hopper and Jacob Wheelahan both sustained injuries during the match.

In his first game of the season and as Captain, Hopper came off midway through the 2nd quarter with knee complaints and Wheelahan came off late in the game with a suspected shoulder injury.

The extents of the injuries are unknown to this point.

Coach of St Patrick’s, Mr Howard Clark spoke post match about the St Kevin’s outfit.

-St Kevin’s have always been traditionally a strong APS school, there certainly in the top two or three schools in the system and they proved that after beating the favoured APS champions in Caulfield last weekend-.

-They were probably the best side we’ve played this year-.

Howard Clark was also extremely happy to be able to field a full strength side for the first time this year.

-It’s exciting, it’s really exciting for all of us to be able to field a full strength group-.

-It’s not often throughout the season we get opportunities like today so we really enjoyed it.-

Xavier Carey.

St Patrick’s College accounts- for Grammar

Score: St Patrick’s College 30 19 (199) def Ballarat Grammar 0 2 (2)

Goal Kickers: Jackson Carrick 5, Clay Bilney, Max Scales 4, Jacob Brown, Leslie Moroney 3, Ben Hurley, Ollie Nash 2, Jordyn Cotter, Jake McQueen, Nick Stuhldreier, Tom Evans, Daniel Rioli, Cameron Jackson, Sam Mead 1

Best Players: Max Scales, Tom Evans, Jackson Carrick, Cameron Pither, Leslie Moroney, Daniel Rioli, Cameron Jackson

St Patrick’s College have recorded a thumping victory over Ballarat Grammar by 197 points.

Keeping the opposition goalless is one thing, but for St Patrick’s to kick 30 themselves sends fear down the spines of the rest of the BAS competition.

A quick clearance from stand-in Captain Ben Simpson to second gamer Jordyn Cotter, who goaled in the opening seconds, got the ball rolling for the home side and they never looked back, going on to kick 13 goals for the first half.

Onlookers witnessed a complete domination from a side which was far from its best. However the ball movement on their spacious oval had the opposition struggling to keep pace.

SPC players, irrespective of the one-sided scoreboard, continued to obey the non-negotiables as they played selfless football.

-There was not one passenger out on the ground,- coach Howard Clark said.

Arguably SPC’s most valuable player this season so far, reliable defender Ben Hurley tried his hand playing as a key forward in the third quarter and marked strongly and kicked two goals.

The 100 point margin was reached just five minutes into the third quarter. However there was no decline in intensity from the home team. – Rather SPC players continued to bring the ball through the middle of the ground and score with relative ease.

Many SPC players produced their best game in the prestigious jumper. Max Scales’ work rate playing in the forward line was invaluable and he was rewarded with goals of his own. Cameron Jackson, in the absence of Matt Geary, took ownership of the number one ruck position and Tom Evans got plenty of the football running through the midfield.

While the game was played on SPC terms, injuries were sustained during the third quarter. Lachlan Thornton came off with a knee injury and Joe Dodd took no further place in the game after a nasty poke in the eye.

St Patrick’s College coach, Mr Howard Clark, was extremely proud of the way his players took the opportunity to play for the 1st XVIII.

-I honestly believe there wasn’t a passenger among the 23 that played,- Mr Clark said.

-The only thing that we can control is how we play and I thought the boys stuck to their structures and the things that myself and the coaching staff asked of them so I’m really pleased about that.-

The Paddy boys will have time to rest up with the bye next week but this win, no doubt, sends a strong message to the rest of BAS competition.