Headmaster column – April 17

April 17, 2015

Dear Parents, Guardians, Staff, Old Collegians and Students of St Patrick’s College,

As the new Headmaster of St Patrick’s College, I have been amazed at the number and variety of opportunities afforded to our boys. What has impressed me immediately is the passion our students have for participation. Whether in the areas of Drama, Music, Rowing, Football, Cricket, Rugby, Debating, Public Speaking, Liturgy or Social Justice, there is a tangible sense of the importance of pursuing one’s interests with the highest degree of commitment and enthusiasm. It is a credit to each student who walks through our gates each morning that they can be involved so completely in all St Patrick’s College has to offer. And, by sharing their gifts so generously and openly, these students are making the St Patrick’s College community an even stronger place to be educated. I would encourage all our new Year 7 students to be involved in as many different activities as possible. You have come to St Patrick’s College at a wonderful time in its history so make the most of every offering.

What has also impressed me greatly since commencing at the College is the commitment each student is showing towards their academic studies. In this respect, the year has started very positively. At our recent annual Academic Assembly, I had the pleasure of presenting a number of boys with Chris Nolan academic awards. The word that most readily comes to mind here is excellence: excellence in effort, excellence in dedication and excellence in attitude. It is a credit to each boy who received an award: each one of you worked incredibly hard at improving your knowledge of a particular subject. You have taken the initiative for your learning and will carry this knowledge for the rest of your lives. There is an important message here for every student in celebrating the academic achievements of fellow classmates. Through their efforts, a light shines brightly at St Patrick’s College as a source of inspiration for every student to achieve the very best possible.

I have thoroughly enjoyed all of our celebrations and events throughout Term 1. St Patrick’s College is an incredibly vibrant place to work. There is something on nearly every night, which again reflects the abundance of opportunities on offer. Perhaps the highlight for me was the St Patrick’s Day Mass and Luncheon. It was also the day where I was formally inducted as Headmaster to this wonderful College. Over lunch, I had the opportunity to meet a number of very proud Old Collegians and past Headmasters who joined us for their annual reunion. It was over lunch, where I was able to share in many past stories of life at St Patrick’s College over the years that I began to realise what a rich history and tradition we are all fortunate to share in. Each of us, past and present students, teachers, Headmasters and staff are all stewards of this great tradition and story, placing our own special mark on the history of the College.-

Lastly, I would like to thank the entire community for welcoming myself and my family so warmly into the community of St Patrick’s College. It is a justly proud community that continues to offer incredible opportunities to all of its 1430 students, as it has done for the past 125 years. As a community, it is important for us to continue to shine light on the critical importance of inclusivity, excellence and innovation. We need to continue the long tradition of building a spirit of connectedness where respect underpins all of our interactions. And we need to continue to engender hope and joy in all we do, one where Jesus remains the central presence in our lives through word and deed.