Headmaster’s Message – February 10, 2017

February 9, 2017

Dear Parents, Carers, Friends, and Students of St Patrick’s College,

Year 7 and 9 Information Evening

What a busy start to Term 1! I was absolutely delighted to see the number of parents and carers who were present at the recent Years 7 and 9 information evenings. I believe we had nearly 100% of Year 7 parents in attendance, and the vast majority of those with boys in Year 9. It reflects very clearly the important relationship between the College and home. It also indicates what an important support you, as parents, play in the life and learning of your son at St Patrick’s College. As the year progresses, can I remind you all of the importance of maintaining close contact with your son’s Pastoral Care Tutor, as well as their relevant Year Level Coordinator. These people are your first port of call for any questions you may have. Your active presence in your son’s learning is always appreciated by teachers.

2018 Enrolments

While many are still catching their breath after the opening of the 2017 school year, attention has already turned to enrolling new students for 2018. Enrolments for Year 7 in 2018 closes at 4pm on Friday, February 17. It is important that anyone wishing to provide their sons with a St Patrick’s College education have their application in by this time or they will run the risk of missing out on a place. Our scholarship program for 2018 is also now in operation with applications closing on Sunday, February 19.

More details on enrolments can be found at this link: https://www.stpats.vic.edu.au/en/prospective-families/enrolment-process/

More details on scholarships can be found at this link: https://www.stpats.vic.edu.au/en/prospective-families/scholarships/

Opening Mass and Year 12 Retreat.

Last week our 2017 Year 12 cohort commenced their year with a beautiful Eucharistic celebration with our newly appointed Chaplain, Father Anthony. I want to formally acknowledge our Year 12 students for offering such a warm welcome to Father Anthony, and for participating so fully in the Mass and the Retreat that followed. Our 2017 Year 12s are an impressive group of young men, and the College looks forward to the leadership they provide to our younger students over the course of the year. We pray together for all our Year 12 students, that they may experience a year full of joy, hard work and success. We pray for God’s blessing on their efforts and to grant them the gifts of perseverance and dedication.

Staffing Update

It is with great enthusiasm that we warmly welcome the following new staff to St Patrick’s College:

Keenan Waterbury, HaPE Trainee

Shelly-Ann du Plooy, Housmaster Phyland Farley

Melanie Buckingham, Art

Matt Miller, English/Humanities

Rebecca Petrie, Psychologist

Kerry Grant, Teacher Assistant

Kerryn Parkinson, Funded Students Facilitator

Shannon Thompson, Japanese

Janelle Spierings, Science

Robyn Cocomazzo, Maths

Robert Bourke-Finn, English

Claire O’Brien, Instrumental Music Teacher

Daniel Willey, Religious Education/English

Nyarth Yanwei, Chef (working through Chartwells)

On behalf of the entire College community we wish each of our new staff members all the very best as they begin the year.

College Positions of Leadership for 2017

I attach the following list of teaching staff who fill a leadership position at St Patrick’s College for your information:


Director of Administration

Damian Kinnersly

Director of Boarding

Michael Silcock

Director of ICT

Mark Holland

Director of Junior School

John Richards

Director of Middle School

Michael Busscher

Director of Mission

Geoff Brodie

Director of Senior School

Elizabeth Ryan

Director of the Kelty Resource Centre

Julia Petrov

Head of Sport

Gavin Webb

Head of Co-curricular Performance

Greg Shawcross

Head of Arts Faculty

Peter Hutchins

Head of English Faculty

Joe Magee

Head of HaPE Faculty

Jarrett Giampaolo

Head of Humanities Faculty

Jennifer Casey

Head of Computing Faculty

Ian Fernee

Head of Languages Faculty

Margaret McIntyre

Head of Maths Faculty

Hamish McCrum

Head of Music Faculty

Fiona Wilson

Head of RE Faculty

Michael Toohey

Head of Science Faculty

Kara Hart

Head of Technologies Faculty

Peter Ryan

1:1 E-Learning Coordinator Years 10 – 12

Ian Fernee

1:1 E-Learning Coordinator Years 7 – 9

Nicole Hexter

Academic Extension Coordinator

Clare Kavanagh

Applied Learning Coordinator

Lyn Maniz

Daily Extras Coordinator

Daniel Sutton

Domain Leader – Faith in Action

Art Nichols

Domain Leader – Liturgy

Ann-Maree Driscoll

Domain Leader – Student Formation

Nathaniel Winfield

Enhanced Learning Coordinator

Helen McLennan (2016)

Funded Students Facilitator

Maria Richards

Funded Students Facilitator

Kerryn Parkinson

Funded Students Facilitator

Melissa Delaland

Literacy Coordinator

Sarah Sharp

Professional Practice Coordinator

Stephen Hill

VCE Coordinator

Mark O’Loughlan

VETiS Coordinator

John Sullivan

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Brad Murray

Year Level Coordinator 7

Jacinta Burge

Year Level Coordinator 7

Gerry Willis

Year Level Coordinator 8

Chris Gleeson

Year Level Coordinator 8

Leigh McKee

Year Level Coordinator 9

Stuart Harridge

Year Level Coordinator 9

Ashleigh Knight

Year Level Coordinator 10

Howard Clark

Year Level Coordinator 10

Matt Taylor

Year Level Coordinator 11

Joe Carmody

Year Level Coordinator 11

Jeremy Daniel

Year Level Coordinator 12

Andrew Chamings

Year Level Coordinator 12

Brooke Brown

Senior Housemaster

Tamara Westwood


Shelly-Ann du Plooy

Weekend Housemaster

Ewen Larsen

Weekend Housemaster

Daniel Willey


Coordinator of Australian Rules Football

Howard Clark

Assistant to the Coordinator of Football

Jarrett Giampaolo

Coach of First XVIII

Howard Clark

First XVIII Performance Coach

Joe Carmody

Coordinator of Basketball

Tam Westwood

Coach of Basketball

Eric Hayes

Coordinator of Cricket

Luke Corden

Coach of Cricket First XI

Luke Corden

Junior Cricket Coordinator

Gerry Willis

Coordinator of Rugby


Coach of Rugby First Grade

Mike Silcock

Coordinator of Athletics

John Richards

Coordinator of Rowing

Jamie Bobrowski

Coordinator of Soccer

Andrew Agardy

Coach of First XI Soccer

James Robinson

Referee Coordinator of Soccer

Juri Kaczkowski

Coordinator of Swimming

James Elford

Year 7 Camps

Over these first few weeks, 246 eager new Year 7 students will attend a three-day orientation camp. This camp is a fantastic opportunity for all students to meet their Pastoral Teachers, and to make some new friends to ensure their transition into St Patrick’s is as smooth as possible. I have heard some great reports that the -war cries-, a St Patrick’s College tradition, have been very impressive so far.

Boarders’ Family Mass and Dinner

Next Friday, we look forward to our Boarding community joining together with our parents and carers to formally welcome the 2017 school year with an opening Mass and dinner. This year, we have over 25 new boarders so this is an important evening to welcome new students and their families to St Patrick’s College.

Buildings Update

I am thrilled to announce that our new boarding precinct has formally commenced its construction. The successful builders, Resicare, are now on site and preparing the ground for the pouring of the slab over the next few weeks. Stage 1 of the project will be built throughout 2017 and will include a three-storey accommodation wing, together with a link to McCunnie House. Stage 2, to be completed throughout the first six months of 2018, will see the construction of the dining and kitchen areas. It is a very special time to be boarding at St Patrick’s and this new facility will see us providing state-of-the-art accommodation to all students in our boarding community.

In addition, our students are now occupying the new Food technology Centre. Featuring two purpose built Food Technology areas, the facility is second to none and will offer our students the opportunity to learn important skills in food preparation and cooking for many years to come.

Royal Commission

Finally, I am certain parents and carers are aware that- the next sitting of the- Royal Commission is taking place over the next three weeks in Sydney.- – As I have said many times over the past two years, it is important to openly and honestly acknowledge this part of our history,- one that is incredibly distressing to victims and survivors, their families, our school community and the wider Ballarat community.

We continue to work with victims and survivors as- a reflection of our deep sorrow for what has happened and to walk in solidarity together.

As a school in the Edmund Rice Tradition, we continue to remain ever vigilant in our commitment to ensuring the safest possible environment for all students in our care and to ensure we maintain the strongest commitments to child safe practices. As parents and carers, you can find important information on our website at www.stpats.vic.edu.au which details our commitment to the new Child Safe Standards. Please take the time to visit these resources to familiarise yourself with our procedures and policies to ensure the safety and care of all students.

Have great weekend,

John Crowley