Headmaster’s Message – November 17, 2016

November 17, 2016

Dear Parents, Carers, Friends and Students of St Patrick’s College,

As we enter into the final weeks of Term 4, – I am mindful that is is a time of great contrasts which can present challenges to students, particularly those in our lower year levels.

All students will be aware that our Year 12 students will formally conclude their journey at St Patrick’s College on Friday evening at our Valedictory Dinner, and that our Year 11 students will complete their Head Start program shortly and complete their formal studies for the year. Given this, students in Years 7-10 can easily find themselves focusing on the finishing date for their own year level, which is not too far in the distance. However, the reality here is that their educational journey is still very much alive for 2016, as teachers begin their preparations for final assessments and examinations.

Much will be expected from our students in Years 7-10 over the coming four weeks in terms of effort and commitment towards their studies. The challenge lies in the energy levels present in students at the end of the year. Often, students become noticeably tired during the last few weeks of any term, but particularly in Term 4.

I would ask all parents and carers to assist us in maintaining a positive finale to 2017. Please pay particular attention to ensuring that all students are well organised over the coming weeks, getting plenty of rest, eating well and leaving home in their correct uniforms ready to complete each day with focus. Please make contact with the College and speak to your relevant Year Level Coordinators if you have a concern about how your son is going throughout these last few weeks so we can all work together to ensure 2016 finishes positively for all students in our care.

As the community will be aware, it has been a very difficult few weeks for all members of St Patrick’s College with the passing of our dear friend and colleague Carol Sinclair. Carol will always be remembered as a caring, warm, thoughtful person, who always went out of her way to help others in need. She will be sadly missed, but never forgotten. We continue to pray for all members of Carol’s family to be comforted. May each of us draw strength in the knowledge that Carol has entered into the promise of eternal life in Christ.

John Crowley