Headmaster’s Message – September 10, 2015

September 9, 2015

Excellence is a key pillar of St Patrick’s College both in the classroom and in the wider community. Today, as I reflect on the near-completion of another busy term, it is with great joy that I see many more examples of our boys attaining excellent results.

In the past fortnight alone we have enjoyed many occasions at which excellence in a variety of pursuits has been honoured and acknowledged. I have been delighted to attend best and fairest nights for both the rugby and football programs and eagerly anticipate next week’s similar events for soccer and for music and performing arts. Such large-scale dinners are crucial in the development of a culture of excellence at the College. They ensure boys (and staff and volunteers) are publicly recognised for the great things they do while wearing our famous uniform and representing the green, white and blue. The way St Patrick’s College acknowledges fine achievements, whether it comes via the presentation of Chris Nolan Awards or by best and fairest nights, is something that has pleasantly surprised me in my first year at the College.

Now, as Term 3 winds to a close, our focus on excellence is aimed squarely on end-of-year exams in Term 4. This can be a stressful time for students and their families, particularly for those boys completing their VCE. However, these next few weeks provide a great opportunity for boys to make one final drive towards achieving their very best in their academic studies. I encourage all boys to take full advantage of their study time during this period. Work hard and be well organised. Use the resources on offer at the College to ensure you meet your goals. Liaise with your teachers and your fellow students. The coming weeks present an opportunity for you to create a legacy which will serve you well in future years. It is important not to miss this opportunity.

With great pleasure I have been attending the Breach and Purton Oratory Competition at the College this week. This is another example of excellence being pursued by our students. I have been very impressed by each student’s level of preparation and the content of their addresses. I would like to congratulate all the students involved.

Speaking of opportunities, can I please use this one to wish all members of our community a relaxing and refreshing school holiday period. I look forward to welcoming everyone back in early October for what promises to be another busy and extremely rewarding Term 4.