Headmaster’s Message

October 8, 2015

Dear Parents, Guardians, Friends and Students,

It is with great vigour that I welcome everyone back to Term 4. As we enter into the warmer months ahead, it is an opportunity for all students to recharge their energy levels and strive towards the finishing line with renewed enthusiasm. I want to again highlight some critical information for our Year 11 and 12 VCE students regarding the next few weeks before exams:

-Now, as Term 3 winds to a close, our focus on excellence is aimed squarely on end-of-year exams in Term 4. This can be a stressful time for students and their families, particularly for those boys completing their VCE. However, these next few weeks provide a great opportunity for boys to make one final drive towards achieving their very best in their academic studies. I encourage all boys to take full advantage of their study time during this period. Work hard and be well organised. Use the resources on offer at the College to ensure you meet your goals. Liaise with your teachers and your fellow students. The coming weeks present an opportunity for you to create a legacy which will serve you well in future years. It is important not to miss this opportunity-.

There have been some changes to staffing for Term 4. Sofia Thapa, Steve Rajki and Fred Spittle have resigned from their positions at the College. On behalf of the College community I want to acknowledge their contribution to St Patrick’s College and wish them well for the future. We welcome Beth Cook, Mathew James, Sam Cue, Robyn Cocomazzo, Kellie Ibbostson and Melissa Krause who will commence fixed-term positions for the remainder of Term 4. We also welcome back Debbie Jordan, Hamish McCrum, Marianne Kambouridis and Narelle Dixon this term.

On Wednesday I attended the Visual Design Evening in the College Pavilion. The evening showcased the work of our dedicated and talented visual art students. Many parents attended the evening and commented on the high quality of work on display. I would like to acknowledge the teachers who helped to inspire and encourage the work of our students.

Next Tuesday the College will hold a special assembly where the -leadership baton- will be passed on to our new leaders for 2016. On behalf of the St Patrick’s College community, we acknowledge and congratulate our 2015 leaders and wish them all the very best for their upcoming examinations.

At the end of Term 3 the College finalised all leadership appointments for the 2016-2018 period. I am thrilled to announce these appointments to the College community and we congratulate each member of staff on these significant appointments.

2016 Positions of Leadership


Director of Administration

Damian Kinnersly

Director of Boarding

Michael Silcock

Director of ICT

Mark Holland

Director of Junior School

John Richards

Director of Middle School

Ross Wise

Director of Mission

Geoff Brodie

Director of Senior School

Elizabeth Ryan

Director of the Kelty Resource Centre

Julia Petrov

Head of Sport

Gavin Webb

Head of Co-curricular Performance

Greg Shawcross

Head of Arts Faculty

Peter Hutchins

Head of English Faculty

Joe Magee

Head of HAPE Faculty

Jarrett Giampaolo

Head of Humanities Faculty

Jennifer Casey

Head of Computing Faculty

Ian Fernee

Head of Languages Faculty

Margaret McIntyre

Head of Maths Faculty

Hamish McCrum

Head of Music Faculty

Fiona Wilson

Head of RE Faculty

Kristine Smardon

Head of Science Faculty


Head of Technologies Faculty

Peter Ryan

1:1 E-Learning Coordinator Years 10 – 12

Ian Fernee

1:1 E-Learning Coordinator Years 7 – 9

Nicole Hexter

Academic Extension Coordinator

Clare Kavanagh

Daily Extras Coordinator

Daniel Sutton

Domain Leader – Faith in Action

Art Nichols

Domain Leader – Liturgy

Ann-Maree Driscoll

Domain Leader – Student Formation

Michael Toohey

Enhanced Learning Coordinator

Rachel Carter

Funded Students Facilitator

Maria Richards

Funded Students Facilitator

Andrea Hadley

Literacy Coordinator

Stuart Harridge

Professional Practice Coordinator

Deb McNaughton

VCE Coordinator

Mark O’Loughlan

VETiS Coordinator

John Sullivan

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Brad Murray

Year Level Coordinator 7

Jacinta Burge

Year Level Coordinator 7

Gerry Willis

Year Level Coordinator 8

Chris Gleeson

Year Level Coordinator 8

Leigh McKee

Year Level Coordinator 9

Kara Hart

Year Level Coordinator 9

Ashleigh Knight

Year Level Coordinator 10

Howard Clark

Year Level Coordinator 10

Matt Taylor

Year Level Coordinator 11

Joe Carmody

Year Level Coordinator 11

Jeremy Daniel

Year Level Coordinator 12

Andrew Chamings

Year Level Coordinator 12

Michael Busscher

Senior Housemaster

Tamara Westwood


Michael Murphy- –

Weekend Housemaster

Ewen Larsen

Have a great weekend

John Crowley