Headmaster’s Message

November 14, 2019

by St Patrick’s College Headmaster, Mr John Crowley

Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and Students of St Patrick’s College,

Last week, our thoughts and prayers were with those communities in New South Wales and Queensland who were severely impacted by the devastating bushfires. These fires were ferocious, destroying many homes and taking a number of lives. Throughout the week, those inspiring communities who have been affected have rallied together to offer support, compassion and hope to others in need. This compassion has also extended to many around Australia who have offered their support in so many ways.

This incredible example of outreach reminds us all of the importance of community in our lives. That in the difficult times, we can rely on those around us to be present and to provide whatever assistance and support is required. I feel so blessed to be Headmaster of St Patrick’s College, where the spirit of community is so strong, and where we actively seek to stand together. This sense of belonging and connection brings great joy to me, as I am sure it does to students, parents, carers and staff. Just as Jesus was in so many of the Gospel stories, we are present for each other.

As a community bound together through our mission of educating young men in the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice, we continue to pray for those so deeply affected by the recent bushfires. We pray to our loving God for their ongoing safety as they begin to rebuild their homes and lives.

John Crowley