Health and Safety at St Patrick’s College

March 20, 2020

by Director of Risk and Compliance, Ms Jo-anne Dyer

Sick Bay

The College Sick Bay is established to cope with the immediate treatment of illness or injury that may arise during the school day.

If your son is feeling unwell or has rashes or other symptoms prior to the commencement of the school day he must not attend College on that day.

If your son reports to Sick Bay during the school day and requires medical treatment and/or long periods of rest, you will be requested by the College to collect your son immediately following initial treatment.

If parents or emergency contacts are unable to be contacted and treatment in Outpatients is deemed necessary for your son, the Sick Bay attendant will make the decision to call an ambulance.

In case of an emergency, an ambulance will be called as a first response.


Novel Coronavirus 

As you are no doubt aware the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is causing great concern globally. This situation provides an opportunity for us to ensure that our hygiene practices are at the highest level.

The World Health Organisation provides information on the COVID-19 including the need for frequent hand washing, practicing respiratory hygiene, maintaining social distancing, avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth and if you have symptoms seeking medical advice.

At the College we have increased the number of hand sanitisers throughout the College and of course soap is always available in all toilets.

We have also placed posters throughout the College, similar to these, regarding the importance of washing your hands regularly and practicing good respiratory hygiene.

Please, if your son is feeling unwell for any reason, DO NOT send your son to school.

Parents are asked to inform the College Office by 10:00am by telephone 5331 1688 or via the Parent Access Module (PAM) when your son is absent.  If not, then parents will be contacted by the College via SMS to inform them of their son’s absence or lateness.

Please click on the below links to view copies of the above posters and also to view a poster on how to handwash and  handrub.

Cover Your Cough And Sneeze Poster (3)

Wash Your Hands Regularly Poster (5)

How To Handwash And Handrub


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Many students at St Patrick’s College attend practical classes such as Wood Technology and Science. These practical classes require students and staff to wear appropriate PPE such as protective eye wear.Our College Shop stock protective eye wear including protective eyeware specifically designed to go over the top of prescription glasses. All safety glasses cost $5.00. Please ensure that your son has appropriate PPE to attend practical classes.


Student Medical Profiles

St Patrick’s College is required to comply with a variety of legislative and regulatory requirements to ensure that an appropriate level of care is provided to your son. In order for this to occur an up-to-date Medical Profile for your son is necessary.

Your son’s Medical Profile is to be maintained by you within the Parent Access Module (PAM). Your personal PAM login details were provided earlier in the year via separate email.

Each year you will be required to update and validate your son’s Medical Profile:

  • prior to the start of each School Year (validation date to be confirmed for 2021);
  • if and when changes to medical conditions occur throughout the year; and
  • prior to your son attending any school camp.

Unfortunately, without this information your son will be unable to participate in the myriad of school activities offered throughout the year.


Medical Management Plan

In addition to providing an up-to-date Medical Profile in PAM, it is essential that you provide a Medical Management Plan signed by your GP or treating Specialist if your son has any of the following conditions:

  1. Asthma
  2. Anaphylaxis
  3. Diabetes
  4. Epilepsy
  5. Allergies
  6. Other – any other significant medical/health conditions

Contact the College Sick Bay for further advice regarding an Individual Medical Management Plan: Telephone 5331 1688.