How you can donate to the Boarding Precinct Appeal

February 14, 2017

This current boarding redevelopment is the most significant capital investment in boarding in the College’s 125-year history.

The College is investing heavily in the project and a fundraising appeal to help fund the significant $7m project currently stands at nearly $340,000 – one third of the way to its target of $1m.

Donations above $2 are tax deductible and we would be grateful for your support, big or small. All donations will be recognised or can be made anonymously if preferred.-

Old Collegian Daryl -Tesch- Teschendorf (SPC 1963),- pictured above,- is one former student who has donated to the appeal after rekindling his connection with St Patrick’s College, becoming a passionate advocate of SPC’s commitment to boys education into the future.

-The one thing I have noticed the most since my return to the College after 50 years since finishing boarding school is the softening of the environment, in physical terms and cultural terms.

-Boarding was pretty hard yards when I was a kid, it is a whole new world now. The influx of smart, enthusiastic young female and male teaching staff has made a huge difference to the whole feel within the College.

-The new boarding precinct will further enhance the culture of inclusiveness. And not just because it will be more comfortable, more university college style accommodation, but also as a result of the Boarding Masters living on-site with their families. Having a -family- as part of the boarding community will have a positive impact on the atmosphere.

-As you (may)- know, I was key driver behind the -Unsung Heroes- concept. And I am delighted with the way Headmaster John Crowley has embraced this concept and how natural a fit this is for the College of today. The College now is geared to support, nurture and acknowledge the 90% of the students who will be this generation of -Unsung Heroes-.

-I have also seen up close, the compassion, care and leadership the College, under John’s guidance, has shown in tackling the sexual abuse issues that have plagued our Catholic schools. It makes a huge statement about the quality of our schools that amidst all this turmoil and negative publicity enrolments continue to thrive.-

-The St Patrick’s I see today has inspired me to -put my money where my mouth is- and support the Boarding Appeal, to help create and expand the offering for those boys living away from home. And I am incredibly excited that my gift will help ensure that there will be recognition of the -Unsung Heroes- within the Boarding Precinct well into this new century.-

To help, all donations above $2 are tax deductible and all donors will be acknowledged in College publications. Donations of $500 or above will be acknowledged on a permanent honour board which will feature in the new boarding precinct.

Please help contribute to this project by making a tax-deductible donation at the following link and know that every dollar you give will be an investment in future generations of students at SPC:

Donors who have given generous support to the Boarding Precinct Appeal so far include:

Friends of St Patrick’s College


SPC Foundation

ARG Planning P/L

Arulappu, Reg

Ball, Ray

Borelli, Leon

Breen, Gavan

Conheady, Greg

Cooney, John

Corrigan, John and Carmel

Costigan, Denis

Crowley, John

Crowley, Pamela

Davies, Robert P

Delaney, Joe, AO

Dickinson, Peter

DiMattina, Frank

Dixon, Stephen

Dowling, Fr Gerard, OAM

Edmonds, Matthew

Fitzgerald, John J

FitzGerald, Gerard

Flanagan, Fr Patrick

Foley, Dennis

Gallagher, David

Gleeson, Damian

Glenane, Michael

Grinter Family

Haintz, Chris

Hanrahan, James

Jennings, Ron

Jubb, Alan and Patricia

Jury, Trevor

Kearney, Michael and Christine

Larmer, Laurie

Launder, Peter

Liston, James, Paul and Tim

Liston, Tony and Lorrie

Lloyd, John

Madden, William

Marsella, Ric

McArthur, John

McKinnon, Fr Eugene

McMahon, Stephen

Moelands, Adrian

Molony, Prof John

Monaghan, Fr John

Mooney, John

Murphy, David F

Nolan, John and Mary

Nolan, Paul

O’Donohue, Eugene

O’Shannessy, Peter

Parer, David and Elizabeth

Petrie, Drew

Phelan, Barry

Pickering, Matt

Rendell, Nigel

Sullivan, Tony

Tehan, Michael

Teschendorf, Daryl

Todd, Martin

Torpy, Gerard and Mary

Vogels Family

Weatherley, Owen