Information Technology Update – April 26, 2018

April 25, 2018

Cyber Safety – Office of the eSafety Commissioner Website

One of the best Cyber Safety sites I have come across is the website belonging to the eSafety Commissioner. The Office of the eSafety Commissioner website has a vast array of useful, up to date resources for teachers, parents and students with regards to keeping safe online and using IT in a positive and responsible manner. The Office is a Commonwealth Government funded entity and is committed to helping all Australians have safe, positive experiences online. During the Year 7 and Year 10 ICT Boot Camps at the start of the year I highlighted this site to the students. While it contains lots of valuable information and information about keeping safe online, I also highlighted the very important fact that this is where students can come to report anything they feel uncomfortable out.

eSafety Complaints and Reporting:

eSafety iParent

Another excellent part of the eSafety website is the iParnet page –

The iParent page was created to help parents with the ever changing nature of the internet which poses challenges for parents. The iParent page provides online safety resources targeted to the specific needs of carers and carers.

iParent provides information, advice and support material on the big issues including:

  • Cyberbullying

  • Online pornography

  • Unwanted contact

  • Nudes and sexting

  • Online gaming

  • Eating disorders

  • Social networking

  • Balancing time online

  • Privacy

A particularly excellent resource can be found in the Social Networking section where -‘Safe Social Networking’ is discussed here:

Another very useful topic is -‘Social Media Readiness’ here

Here they discuss -‘Is my child old enough to use social media?‘ and key issues such as the both the physical age of your child and their level of maturity and resilience can impact their ability to handle social media. They also talk about how, as a rule, each social networking site and app has its own criteria for minimum age requirements while some services cater for more adult audiences (i.e. dating sites).

I recommend you check this fabulous Australian Government site out ( ) if you are interested in learning more about the internet, cybersafety and keeping our young people safe online.

Can you see your son’s diary? – App4 Parent Login

App4 is the official College diary and is used by teachers and students across the different year levels. You are able to access your son’s diary online to see homework and information from his teachers in a couple few ways:

To login to view your son’s diary you will need to create a password or access code. Instructions on how to do this and other instruction manuals on App4 can be found on the ICT Devices Parent Support website here:

Please note, the Parent or Student ID is your son’s 5 character St Patrick’s Student ID. The school identifier is -‘stpats’ (iPad/iPhone app only)

App4 Parent Login:

  • Parent or Student ID: Your son’s St Patrick’s 5 character student ID #####

  • School Identifier: stpats (iPhone/iPad app only)

  • Pasword or Access Code: password

If you have any problems accessing your son’s diary, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Mark Holland

Director of ICT