Information Technology Update – April 28, 2016

April 27, 2016

Replacement iPad Covers

To protect our student’s iPads in Year 7, 8 and 9 it is really important that all students always have the iPad in the cover which is then stored in the neoprene sleeve. These two protection measures together can help prevent screen breakage and iPad damage in many instances when the iPad is accidentally dropped or knocked while in the school bag. In using Apple Care to repair a damaged iPad it can cost around $400 as Apple use a replacement program rather than repairing the damaged iPad. There are third party iPad repair vendors that can repair a damaged iPad but this can cost between $100-$200. It must also be noted that while it is cheaper to use a third party repair vendor it will void the Apple warranty.- It is therefore very important that all students continue to use the iPad cover with the neoprene sleeve in trying to protect the iPad at all times. It is also important that the cover and sleeve are in good condition. While some students may be able to use the original cover and sleeve they purchased at the start of Year 7 throughout the three years to the end of Year 9, it is clear some students will need to replace these items at some time during the three years. In discussion with a number of students in Year 8 last week it came to my notice the disparity in the condition of many the iPad covers the boys were using. Some of the covers were still in excellent condition while others were not in as good condition and some were in a state of disrepair. One student’s iPad cover was in such a state that his iPad could easily slip out of the cover onto the floor and he indicated that this had already happened on a couple of occasions. I recommend that all parents and students check the state of their iPad cover and neoprene sleeve and make sure they are still in a condition that allows them to provide the protection they were designed to. If either the cover or sleeve needs replacing, both items are available for sale in the College shop. It is always best to be pre-emptive in this situation and avoid the need to be paying for costly repairs due to accidental damage.

Year 10 HP Spectre Notebooks

The Spectre notebook has been generally widely accepted by Year 10 students and teachers as an excellent device that compliments well the Senior School curriculum. A number of positive comments from the students to me suggests that while the iPad is a suitable 1:1 device in the younger year levels a laptop best suits the study and curriculum needs of the older students, particularly those studying VCE units.

While the Spectre notebook is very light and slim, we have only had a very small number of notebooks that have experienced damage. The College selected the Targus Tanc bag as an ideal bag that can offer the best protection for the Spectre notebook while travelling. The vast majority of Year 10 boys are using the protective Tanc correctly and it is important that is the modus operandi while transporting the notebook to and from school and between classes. Unfortunately, we have seen a small number of notebook screens damaged and in most of these cases the Targus Tanc bag was not correctly used. I urge all parents to support the College in reminding the boys in using the Targus Tanc bag correctly zipped up at all times while transporting the Spectre notebook.

College SMS Contact Number Change

The number that the College uses to send SMS messages alerting you to unexplained absences as well as occasional informational messages has changed. The new number is +61 417 200 063, please update your records. It is still preferable to phone the main college number (+61 3 5331 1688) and record your son’s absence however if you wish to SMS them please include your son’s name, homeroom and a brief explanation for the absence.

Mr Mark Holland

Director of ICT