Information Technology Update – July 20, 2017

July 19, 2017

Parent Access to App4

App4 has been the official College diary now for several years. It is an online diary that allows teachers to enter Homework, Assignments, Notes and Calendar dates that will automatically appear in the student’s diary. Students are also able to manually add any events. One of the great strengths of the App4 online diary is that teachers can set homework and assignments and it automatically -‘pushes’ the details to the student app. Another strength of App4 is that parenst are able to access their son’s diary which can help support the learning of your son.

Parents are able to access their son’s App4 online diary in three ways:

  1. By looking at the App4 app directly on your son’s iPad/laptop

  2. By downloading the App4 Parent app on to your iPhone or iPad and logging in

  3. By accessing App4 through the parent portal

To be able to do access the diary through your own app or through the parent portal, you will first need to create a Parent Access Account. You will need to do by creating it in the App4 app on your son’s iPad. This is a fairly straight forward process and I have provided instructions on how to do this on the Parent Support web site here:

Steps involved in accessing your son’s App4 Diary

To login to view your son’s diary you will need to create a password or access code. Instructions on how to do this and other instruction manuals on App4 can be found on the ICT Devices Parent Support website here:

Please note, the Parent or Student ID is your son’s 5 character St Patrick’s Student ID. The school identifier is -‘stpats’:

App4 Parent Login:

  • Parent or Student ID: Your son’s St Patrick’s 5 character student ID #####

  • School Identifier: stpats

  • Pasword or Access Code: password

If you have any problems accessing your son’s diary, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Switching App4 for multiple Sons

You are able to use App4 to check on all of your children at the College. You will need to create a Parent Access Code/password for each son so that you can switch between your son’s diaries. It is a good idea to perhaps use the same Parent Access Code/password for each son for ease of switching. You will also need to know the College ID for each of your sons to enter at the login screen.

Replacement iPad Covers and Neoprene Sleeves

After an unfortunate delay the replacement iPad neoprene sleeves have arrived for those students who received the incorrect sized sleeve at the start of the sleeve. I have a list of all students who received the incorrect sized sleeve. The replacement sleeves will be distributed next Monday. The boys who need the replacement sleeve will need to report to room HEA004 at the following times:

– Before School 8:30 to 8:45

– Recess 10:30 to 10:50

– Lunch 12:25 to 1:00

If any boys have questions about this, please ask them to see me.

Mark Holland

Director of ICT