Information Technology Update – March 15, 2018

March 14, 2018

Students Caring for the Devices

Just recently, we have experienced several incidents of student device breakage. In all instances, the student device was not inside the protective Targus Tanc bag or neoprene cover when the incident occurred and subsequently the devices suffered significant damage, particularly to the screen. We remind the boys that whenever they are not using the device or when they are moving to and from school, to and from class that they always carry the device in the Targus Tanc protective bag or neoprene sleeve. In most cases, if the device had been inside the protective bag and/or neoprene sleeve, this would have prevented the damage done to the device.

In the College Parent Notebook Handbook and Agreement 2018, Section 5 page 7 it states:

  • Always have the notebook inside its protective cover and protective bag when travelling

In the College 2018 Parent iPad Handbook and Agreement, Section 3 page 6 it states:

  • Always have the iPad inside its protective cover and neoprene sleeve when travelling

If you could help remind your son of the importance of always having their device inside the protective bag and/or neoprene sleeve when not in use and when moving, I am confident that we can eliminate most of the accidental damage to student devices that we see at the College.

Notebook Insurance

In the case of accidental damage to one of the leased College notebooks, while the College can organise repairs of the device, there will be a $200 excess that will apply to all repairs. This is clearly stated in the College Parent Notebook Handbook and Agreement 2018, Section 8 page 10:

  • 8.1 You must immediately inform the College if the Device is lost, stolen or accidentally damaged.

  • 8.2 Should an insurance claim be made in respect of the Device and be accepted You will be charged an excess of $200 per claim and be provided a free replacement Device until the Device is repaired or replaced. The student’s responsibility for the replacement device will be the same as those contained in the original Laptop Agreement.

Ensuring our boys take the greatest of care with their notebooks by carrying them in the Targus Tanc

Protective bag when the notebook is not in use and when travelling I believe will provide the best level of protection and eliminate much of the accidental damage we are seeing.

A copy of both College Parent Handbook and Agreements can be found on the College website here:

Can you see your son’s diary? – App4 Parent Login

App4 is the official College diary and is used by teachers and students across the different year levels. You are able to access your son’s diary online to see homework and information from his teachers in a couple few ways:

To login to view your son’s diary you will need to create a password or access code. Instructions on how to do this and other instruction manuals on App4 can be found on the ICT Devices Parent Support website here:

Please note, the Parent or Student ID is your son’s 5 character St Patrick’s Student ID. The school identifier is -‘stpats’ (iPad/iPhone app only)

App4 Parent Login:

  • Parent or Student ID: Your son’s St Patrick’s 5 character student ID #####

  • School Identifier: stpats (iPhone/iPad app only)

  • Pasword or Access Code: password

If you have any problems accessing your son’s diary, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Mark Holland

Director of ICT