Information Technology Update – March 17, 2016

March 15, 2016

Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter Replacement

As you were recently notified, Apple identified a problem with the Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter designed for use with Apple devices such as the iPad and voluntarily decided to exchange affected wall plug adapters with a new, redesigned adapter, free of charge.

Apple’s official statement and further details can be found by clicking the following link:

The College has now received the replacement wall plug adapters from Apple and are now able to exchange the old adapter for the replacement adapter.

To facilitate the exchange, we are asking each student to bring from home their current Apple AC wall plug adapter to either the IT Hub (1st floor corner of Wilding and Little Wings) or to the College shop. The old adapter will then be taken from the student and replaced with the replacement adapter.

Please be aware, it does not matter whether you purchased the iPad through the College approved vendor (CompNow) or from any other vendor — the College can replace every student’s Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter

Care of Spectre Notebook

Unfortunately, we have had several instances of screen damage to the Spectre notebook with some students. In the majority of these cases the screen was damaged when the notebook was left lying on the ground. We strongly advise that when not in use, that the notebook is placed inside the neoprene sleeve provided, inside the Targus TANC notebook bag with the bag zipped up. This double level of protection will safely securely the notebook and greatly help prevent damage to the screen.

Fortunately, all of the notebooks are insured and will be repaired under the accidental damage clause of the insurance policy. Normally, a screen replacement for a Spectre notebook would cost between $500 – $1000. However, please understand that a $200 excess applies to any insurance repair work.

Spectre Notebook Apps

The Year 10 boys are now several weeks into using their Spectre notebooks. They are able to access online resources by connecting to the College Wi-Fi network and have been advised on how to connect to their Wi-Fi at home. The key apps the boys are using include App4, Learningfield and Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive. App4 is the online eDiary the boys and teachers are using to record homework, assignments, key dates, notes and can check their timetable. Parents are also able to access a parent version of App4 to see their son’s homework. This can be setup on either your iPad, through a web browser or on your iPhone. To access your son’s homework, you will need to setup your parent account. More information on this can be found at

Learningfield is the eTextbook app the boys are using. Teachers are able to make available any textbooks the boys will be using in class. The boys are also able to add any available textbooks to their own library. More information and FAQ’s on Learningfield can be found at

Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive allows students to store, sync, and share files in the cloud using OneDrive. They use the College Office 365 account and also have access to the full Microsoft Office suite. By using OneDrive, the students have the ability to store files in the -‘cloud’ and be able to access them on any device anywhere in the world.

If any student is experiencing any problems with their Spectre Notebook or with App4, Learningfield or OneDrive they are able to seek help from our ICT Hub on the 1st Floor at the intersection of the Wilding and Little wings.

Mr Mark Holland

Director of ICT