Information Technology Update – March 23, 2017

March 22, 2017

eLearning Strategic Plan Review

This year sees the College reviewing its current eLearning Plan. This review is already underway with the ICT Executive Committee meeting regularly where the process and steps involved in the review are being finalised. One of the key parts of the review involves the gathering of data to clearly establish the current status of ICT and eLearning in the College. Another key part of the review is to get feedback from key stakeholders of the College community including staff, students and parents. A College wide survey and the use of focus groups are some of the methods being planned to gather this feedback. The College has organized for two highly respected leaders in education and the effective use of ICT in education to oversee this component and to report back to the ICT Executive on their findings. Other key parts of data gathering for the committee include investigating current best practice in the use of ICT in education at other highly regarded schools and the curating of best practice research papers and information. It is planned that the data gathering of feedback will occur in Term 2 and the final report on the review is planned to be ready early in Term 4. Regular updates on the progress of this review will be provided in this column.

Parent Cyber Safety

One of the best parent cyber safety resources online is the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner website where there are many very useful resources. The link to this website can be found in the College ICT Parent Support website here:

One of the more useful resources on this website is the Quickguide to popular social media sites and apps which can be found here:

This is an excellent resource that gives a summary of all of the most popular social media websites and apps and provides in depth information and FAQ’s for each site and app. Highly respected child psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg recommends that for parents to be able to provide the best the support for their children in the safe and responsible use of technology it is important parents have an understanding of the types of technology their children are using. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop to update your knowledge on social media sites and apps this is an excellent resource.

Neoprene Sleeves distributed Friday 3rd February

On Friday 3rd of February nearly 100 students received neoprene sleeves they had ordered online from CompNow after a delay in supply. However, it has been noted by CompNow that in fact these sleeves are slightly smaller than required to fit the iPad comfortably. CompNow have acknowledged the problem with the sleeve and have pursued this with their supplier. CompNow have agreed to replace the incorrect sized neoprene sleeves and have now come up with a replacement sleeve that has met with the College’s approval. However, the sleeves the College have decided on do need to be manufactured so supply time of the 100 odd sleeves is likely to see them delivered to the College in early Term 2. I will notify parents and students as soon as the replacement sleeves arrive at the College.

Mark Holland

Director of ICT