Information Technology Update – March 3, 2016

March 2, 2016

1:1 Devices

We are now several weeks into term and we are now seeing nearly all boys across all year levels with fully functioning 1:1 devices, able to access all resources as expected. To see the boys accessing valuable online resources on their 1:1 device in class under the instruction of their teacher and taking them home to complete homework and set tasks sees ICT continuing to transform the way our students learn. However, while the use of the 1:1 device is now fundamental in teaching and learning at the College, there continues to be a -‘blended’ learning environment in the classroom where the boys at different times are still required to handwrite and draw in workbooks and on worksheets and use hard copy books and novels as well.

To assist you with your son’s device, a number of online resources have been uploaded to a website created to support parents. Here you can find all of the agreements and device use protocols as well as information on the apps, cyber safety, managing the device and LearningField. The address of this website is:

iPads – InTune Mobile Device Management

All of the College iPads have been setup using the InTune Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, administered by the College ICT team. The boys were instructed to download a profile from the MDM onto their iPad, allowing the iPads to connect seamlessly to the College Wi-Fi network. It is important that the boys using iPads at the College do not remove the profile from their iPad as it will prevent them from connecting to the College network while at school.

Year 10 -“ Stickers on Notebooks

All Year 10 Spectre Notebooks have been issued with a sticker on the lid that identifies the College and owner of the iPad. This is a critical identifier for teachers and students as it can quickly identify the correct owner of the notebook. With all Notebooks being identical you can understand that this sticker is critical for the practical use of the Notebook. The boys have been asked not to put any other stickers on their Notebook.

Year 7 iPads – Free Apps from Apple

All students who have purchased their own iPads have been asked to download several apps from Apple that are free to the purchasers of the iPad. These free apps are normally not free and include apps such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie and Garageband. All of these apps will be immensely useful to the boys and will open up all sorts of possibilities in the type of work the boys can do on the iPad. Pages, Numbers and Keynote are the equivalent of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. These apps are able to open the equivalent Microsoft files and have the ability to export as Microsoft files. – iMovie allows the editing of video captured on the iPad. Garageband is an app that allows the creation of music or podcasts. Find My iPhone is also one of the free apps the boys need to download. Find my iPhone allows the user to detect the location of the iPad by logging into another device and accessing their iCloud account, an extremely useful tool in the case of a misplaced iPad. A list of recommended apps the boys can download from the App Store including free Apple apps can be found at

Paid Apps/Books -“ Years 7, 8 & 9 iPads

On this year’s Year 7, 8 & 9 booklist, all students have been asked to purchase some required apps. All students in years 7, 8 & 9 have been asked to purchase Book Creator and Inspiration. Japanese students are required to purchase some Japanese apps as well. Year 7 & 8 students will be required to purchase a music book through the iTunes Book Store and will be guide through this by their Music teacher. Year 9 students will be required to purchase -‘The Rite Journey’ book as an integral part of their Pastoral Care Program.

All required apps can be found on the Apps page on

No Credit Card with Apple ID

Most boys have setup the iPad using their own Apple ID. This has allowed them to create their iCloud account which automatically backs up the iPad when it is connected to Wi-Fi. During this process the boys were shown how to setup their Apple account without the use of a credit card. Ideally, no student should have a credit card connected to their Apple ID. If you wish your son to purchase any apps through the iTunes store, we recommend the use of an iTunes card. This limits the amount of money on the Apple account and is a safe and convenient way to purchase. Often iTunes cards can be purchased at a reduced rate. The website will alert you to any stores that have iTunes cards on sale and is well worth keeping an eye on.

Support for Student 1:1 Devices

It is critical that all students have a fully functioning device and be able to access all online resources to assit with their learning and study. We can support those boys with any questions about their device to make sure it is running reliably and as expected. The boys are also able to seek assistance at any time from the College’s ICT Hub which is open all day and is located on the 1st Floor on the corner of the Wilding and Treacey Wing.

iPads -“ Set to Current Date

It is important that all iPads used at the College are set to the correct date and time. This can be done in the iPad Settings by going the -‘General/Date and Time’. The iPad should be set to -‘Automatic’ and the Melbourne Time Zone. This allows the apps used by the students such as App4, eLockers and Learningfield to operate correctly and as expected. It has come to our notice recently that several iPads have had the date set incorrectly which has severely impacted on the functioning of the iPad. In some cases, it has required the iPad to be sent back to Apple to be repaired.