Information Technology Update – May 10, 2018

May 9, 2018

Care of Device -“ Avoid Water Damage in School Bag

Recently we had a student who suffered the unfortunate event of having a water bottle leak inside his school bag. Sadly, the water leaked onto his iPad causing significant damage to the device. While iPads and Laptops can take certain amount of vibration and knocking inside a schoolbag, they do not tolerate water leaking into their internal workings. Usually the water damage to the device can be permanent and irreparable. The leaking of a water bottle inside a schoolbag is a common event we need to make sure all boys put in place preventative measures to ensure this does not happen to them. Some of the measures they could take include:

  • Transport the water bottle to and from school separate to the school bag

  • Ensure the lid of the water bottle is water tight (replace the water bottle with a more secure one if need be)

  • Wrap the water bottle in a plastic bag and tie the plastic bag up

  • Wrap the device in a plastic bag and tie the plastic bag up

Essentially, when coming to and from school, all boys need to be conscious of and have taken steps to prevent their water bottle from leaking and keeping it well away from their 1:1 device. I have raised this issue with all students in the morning notices at the College so reinforcing this message from you at home would be most valuable. Hopefully by highlighting this with our students we can help them avoid suffering any permanent water to their 1:1 device.

Microsoft Office for home for free!

As part of the College’s membership to Office 365, all students are allowed to download the Microsoft Office suite for free on up to five home computers. This can be done quite easily by following the instructions on the ICT Devices Parent Support page here:

The important thing to remember that when the Office suite has been downloaded that the student logs in to the application and registers their ST Patrick’s College email and password to authenticate the download. After this has been done, the Office applications can be used by anyone. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Can you see your son’s diary? – App4 Parent Login

App4 is the official College diary and is used by teachers and students across the different year levels. You are able to access your son’s diary online to see homework and information from his teachers in a couple few ways:

To login to view your son’s diary you will need to create a password or access code. Instructions on how to do this and other instruction manuals on App4 can be found on the ICT Devices Parent Support website here:

Please note, the Parent or Student ID is your son’s 5 character St Patrick’s Student ID. The school identifier is -‘stpats’ (iPad/iPhone app only)

App4 Parent Login:

  • Parent or Student ID: Your son’s St Patrick’s 5 character student ID #####

  • School Identifier: stpats (iPhone/iPad app only)

  • Pasword or Access Code: password

If you have any problems accessing your son’s diary, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Mark Holland

Director of ICT