Information Technology Update – May 30, 2019

May 29, 2019

What young people do online, particularly on social media, is sometimes an area that parents are not comfortable to discuss with their children. Are they being targeted by cyber bullies or even criminals? Have they formed inappropriate relationships parents are unaware of, or shared inappropriate images? When not armed with information about how to help when things go wrong or even what technology is being used these topics can be a hard to talk about.

In order to help parents have these conversations and increase the digital wellbeing of their sons the Australian Federal Police adapted a program from the United Kingdom called ThinkUKnow ( The Digital Wellbeing and Cyber Safety Parent Workshop program is hosted at different schools nationwide, the Ballarat event will be held at 6pm this Tuesday, July 4 at the Wendouree Centre for Performing Arts.- For- booking details and more information regarding this free event please click on this link