Information Technology Update – November 3, 2016

November 2, 2016

Year 9 Parent Decision to Return or Buy College Supplied iPad

A letter will soon be sent to all Year 9 parents asking if you wish to purchase or return the College supplied iPad your son has been using for the last 3 years. At the start of the 2014 school year, your son was issued with a College iPad. Their use of the iPad will end this year (which is further explained below) and you now need to make a decision regarding your intention with regards this College iPad. You can decide:

  1. To take ownership of the iPad and buy the iPad from the College for $100.00 (including the provided cover, neoprene sleeve, charging cable and wall charger)

  2. Return the iPad to the ICT Hub (including the provided cover, neoprene sleeve, charging cable and wall charger).

If you decide to return the iPad to the ICT Hub, you also need to return the cover ($43), neoprene sleeve ($35), charging cable ($30) and wall charger ($30). If any of these peripherals are missing you will be charged the replacement cost for each missing item. If the iPad is returned in a damaged condition and is in need of repair, a $150 fee will be charged to your account to help cover the cost of repairs.

If you decide to return the iPad you will need to return the iPad to the ICT Hub immediately after the final Year 9 Exam on Wednesday 7 December.

Please complete the form in the letter and return it to your son’s Pastoral Care Teacher or ICT Hub by Monday 14 November notifying the College of your intention regarding your College supplied iPad.

Year 9 Students 1:1 Device 2017 and beyond

Our current Year 9 students are all using a College supplied iPad which they received at the start of Year 7 2014. However, moving in to Year 10 in 2017, the boys will begin to be a part of the Senior School 1:1 program which sees the student device changing from an iPad to a Windows notebook. The Senior School 1:1 program started at the beginning of 2016 which saw each boy supplied with a HP Spectre 360 notebook. The College sources the notebook and parents are asked to pay off the notebook over three years with annual payments. Essentially, the notebook is owned by the parents and at the end of Year 12. After the three annual payments have been completed, the student can take the notebook home. More details on this program will be sent to parents shortly.

Mark Holland

Director of ICT