Information Technology Update – October 12, 2017

October 11, 2017

Cyber Safety Pastoral Care Program

The Pastoral Care program being delivered to all students in Years 7- and 8 this term directs its attention to the important topic of Cyber Safety. Keeping our students safe while using electronic devices and teaching them to be good digital citizens has now become a critical part of the education of our young people. As schools and parents, it is important that we educate and support our children in the positive use of technology and the value it can add to our daily lives and at the same time try to make them aware of their responsibilities in being good people and users of that technology. As well, we are all aware of the dangers associated with the use of technology that are presented to us all by unscrupulous people who wish to take advantage of us. Being made aware of these dangers and the steps we can take to avoid such pitfalls form a valuable part of the Cyber Safety program at the College.

A number of important topics will be covered in the program which include these topics in Weeks 1- and 2:

  • Digital Life 101

    • What is the place of digital media in our lives?

    • In this unit students are introduced to the 24/7, social nature of digital media and technologies, and gain basic vocabulary and knowledge for discussing the media landscape. Students will watch a video which shows the 24/7, social nature of digital media -” a change from the media consumption culture of the past. They then make similes about their digital lives and learn that because media connect us in more social and interactive ways than ever before, it is important to carry out online relationships responsibly.

  • Being aware on the internet

    • Students learn about procedures about keeping safe in chat rooms and on the internet

    • Students learn how to avoid exposure to inappropriate material or activities and protecting themselves when they are online

    • Being careful about what personal information you put on the internet

    • Understanding that some adults use chat lines designed for children and young people and pretend to be a young person

  • Exploring Legal Implications of Electronic Media Abuse

    • Despite technology evolving at a fast pace, lawmakers are addressing unlawful activities. Often, students engaging in unlawful activities using evolving technologies are unaware of their legal responsibilities: for example

      • Convictions may affect future employment opportunities

      • Offending can be -‘virtual’

      • Bullying can have long-lasting effects on friendships and families

A number of other topics will be covered over the course of the term which I will outline in future Crest articles.

Year 9 Students 1:1 Device 2018 and beyond

Our current Year 9 students are using parent owned iPads as their 1:1 device which they started using at the start of Year 7 2015. However, moving in to Year 10 in 2018, the boys will begin to be a part of the Senior School 1:1 program which sees the student device changing from an iPad to a Windows notebook. The Senior School 1:1 program started at the beginning of 2016 which saw each boy supplied with a HP Spectre 360 notebook. The College sources the notebook and parents are asked to pay off the notebook over three years with annual payments. Essentially, the notebook is owned by the parents and at the end of Year 12. After the three annual payments have been completed, the student can take the notebook home. More details on this program will be sent to parents soon.

Mark Holland

Director of ICT