Information Technology Update – October 20, 2016

October 19, 2016

Year 9 Students 1:1 Device 2017 and beyond

Our current Year 9 students are all using a College supplied iPad which they received at the start of Year 7 2014. However, moving in to Year 10 in 2017, the boys will begin to be a part of the Senior School 1:1 program which sees the student device changing from an iPad to a Windows notebook. The Senior School 1:1 program started at the beginning of 2016 which saw each boy supplied with a HP Spectre 360 notebook. The College sources the notebook and parents pay off the notebook over three years with annual payments. Essentially, the notebook is owned by the parents and at the end of Year 12, after the three annual payments, the student can take the notebook home. More details on this program will be sent to parents shortly.

Like the Year 12 students, The Year 9 students will have the option of either buying the College supplied iPad or returning it. To buy the iPad, a fee of $100 will be added to your account. Alternatively, you can choose to return the iPad. If returning the iPad, it will be expected that all parts will be returned including the charging cable and wall plug. Any parts that are missing will need to be paid for. Also, any damage to the iPad that requires repairing will incur the $150 fee to help with the repair as outlined in the Parent iPad Handbook and Agreement 2016. More details on the purchase/return of the Year 9 iPad will be sent to parents shortly.

New iPad Setup Requirements Semester 2

As recently discussed, in an effort to help support our boys more in the positive use of their iPads and easier compliance with the -Protocols for using my ICT Device Responsibly for Learning-, we have instituted several changes in the required setup of the student iPads for Semester 2. These changes were simple for the boys to comply with and will greatly support them with the positive and educational use of the iPads in and outside the classroom.

As part of these changes we have been running a series of -‘random iPad checks’ on student iPads to assist our students in complying with the new requirements. We ran our first random check on Friday 29th July where all classes were involved. We have run several checks since including Thursday 13 October in aneffort to try to assist our boys in the positive and educational use of their 1:1 device.

Essentially we asked the boys to make sure their iPads are setup with the following:

  • The 5th row of apps that appear at the bottom on every screen are made up of only the most frequently used apps during the school day (NOT games, messaging, music or social media)

  • Inappropriate content – Ensure that personal content on the iPad is appropriate at all times and remember that storage space for school related content is a priority. Any inappropriate images/videos /memes that you have stored on your iPad either in your Camera Roll or other apps are to be deleted.

  • That -‘Black listed’ apps are deleted permanently including Snapchat, Instagram, Kik and Tumblr

  • That any Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are deleted permanently (used to get around the College web filter). Check iPad Settings/General/VPN

  • Hidden Files: Use of the iPad is to be completely transparent, therefore any app that is designed to hide photos, videos, text messages, documents etc. are to be deleted from your iPad permanently. This includes, but not limited to apps such as Lock Photos, Private Photo, iVault, Secret Calculator, Album Lock and The Vault. The best way to check for these apps is to view the full list of apps installed on the iPad in Settings at the bottom of the left hand side.

All students have been informed regularly of these changes. Parents can also perform the check at home if you wish and I have uploaded the instructions we sent to the teachers on how to do this here:

Parents can play a significant role in assisting their children in the positive and safe use of devices and should feel free to take a look at your child’s device at any time to support them in their positive use of technology.

Mark Holland

Director of ICT