Information Technology Update – September 8, 2016

September 7, 2016

Protection for 1:1 Devices

The issuing of 1:1 devices at the College is done with the intention that the device will be used by our boys over a 3 year period. As a result, it is really important that the boys do all they can to protect the 1:1 device so that it remains in good working condition throughout the 3 years. Using a 1:1 device on a day to day basis at school certainly tests the bag, protective cover and neoprene sleeve over the 3-year period we use the devices for. The Year 10 Spectre notebook on the whole seems to be well protected in the Targus TANC bag it was supplied with. I recently attended a -‘Device Showcase’ at Eltham College where many hardware vendors came and showed off their devices and peripherals to the more than 50 schools that attended. Targus were represented at the Showcase and their TANC bag is still highly regarded in the industry as one of the bags to offer best protection to notebooks. It is a College expectation that the Spectre is always inside the TANC bag when the boys are travelling to and from school and to and from classes and it is important we continue to remind our boys about the importance of this. Always being careful when placing the notebook in the car or on the bus when travelling to and from school is equally important in protecting the notebook making sure it is never in a position where something heavy can fall or contact the TANC bag.

With regards the student iPads in Years 7, 8, 9 and 11, some of these are now in their 3rd year of use and it has come to my notice that some of the covers and neoprene sleeves used by some of the boys are showing real signs of wear and tear. It is recommended by the College that all iPads are protected by a cover and sleeve that are in good condition as they are able to offer the best protection. Repairs to a damaged iPad can be expensive and is something we all wish to avoid and a small investment in a good cover and neoprene sleeve is most advisable. The iPad cover ($43) and neoprene sleeve ($35) are available for purchase at the College shop.

Device Free Dinner

I wrote recently about the idea of a device free dinner that is being promoted by Common Sense Media. Common Sense is the leading independent non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology. It is interesting to read what they say about the whole idea of a device free dinner and the benefits it can bring to the family. It is something we have practised in my household over a long time and I feel the conversation, discussion and connection it can provide among family is real quality family time and something I think is invaluable. Common Sense highlight some of the positive outcomes of the device free dinner including learning vocabulary, fewer behaviour problems, and healthier eating. Common Sense also talk about making the evening meal an institution and a time for sharing and most parents they surveyed thought conversations at family dinners are important for talking about things happening in their children’s lives.

In a nutshell, Common Sense are suggesting the device free dinner is -when you have a family dinner, commit to putting devices away for those 30 minutes (or, if you have small children, the six minutes of dinner!). Turn your devices on silent. Better yet, put them somewhere where you can’t see them and where a notification won’t tempt you to check it. Enjoy a device-free dinner as part of a healthy digital lifestyle, and make the most of family time.-

More information, tips and advice on the device free dinner can be found at:

Mark Holland

Director of ICT