Intermediate Soccer Report – June 10, 2015

June 10, 2015

SPC Intermediate v Ballarat Grammar School.

In the Intermediate squad’s final match for the season the boys took to the field at Ballarat Grammar in a much anticipated meet with our main BAS rival this year.

As expected, Grammar dictated the play from the starting whistle, with an onslaught of speed and creativity that shook our players and forced the team to play an at times panicked defensive game for most of the first half.

Grammar quickly took the lead and countless clearances from our back line were quickly reversed, earning the opposition two quick goals and another just before half time.

Liam Wakefield, Edan Huggett and Mitch Butterworth made a few daring attacking forays in this time, but to no avail.

After a half time commitment to use open spaces and pass more wisely, an early penalty scored by Wakefield greatly lifted the boys’ spirits.

As a team they noticeably ‘kicked into gear’ and unleashed their real talent and potential that was not shown in the first half.

Better tactical play combined with raw determination earned St Pat’s a cracking second goal scored from left of goal by Mitch Butterworth midway through the second half.

Cade Rientiets and Jude Jeandet also found opportunities whilst harrying Grammar up and down the right wing.

Jayden Ashmore, Riley Cartledge and Ben Worthington did a great job at managing the back line and distributing, while Jack Tuohey worked tirelessly in midfield, directing and converting the flow of play throughout the match.

Reece VanMeel in goals made some terrific saves. Eventually it was hard-working Edan Huggett who, playing off a corner kick, sealed the mighty come-back with St Pat’s third goal just two minutes before the final whistle.-

Final result BGS 3 – SPC 3

The SPC Intermediate soccer team have done the College proud throughout this most enjoyable season. They were a dedicated and talented playing group that showed great personality and sportsmanship both on and off the field. The senior ranks will be well-replenished in 2016.