Intermediate Soccer Report – May 13, 2015

May 13, 2015


In freezing and muddy conditions on the grass pitch at Morshead Park, a squad of 13 Year 9 players took on Ballarat Clarendon College for the second time this season.

With a confidence that remained for the entire match, St Pat’s opened the scoring in the first minute courtesy of a cracking shot from left of goal by Edan Huggett.

This was followed by another from Mitch Ralston, and Huggett again with a repeat of his first.

College answered through a slight gap in our defence in the 16th minute, which did not detract from the great job they did overall in stopping any College momentum early and distributing generously. –

After some substitutions at half time, June Jeandet continued what was to become an onslaught by St Pat’s, followed by goals from Mitch Butterworth and Jayden Ashmore.

Huggett completed his hat-trick with a cracking header off a corner, followed by another from Jeandet in similar fashion.

While Huggett couldn’t score another, he created enough havoc among College’s defence to cause an own goal.

Jeandet capped the punishing 9-1 win with a goal right before the final whistle. In all a superb and enjoyable team performance.-

Final Score: SPC 9 d BCC 1