John Sharry (SPC 1944-46, PY1948)

February 16, 2021

John Sharry.

John Sharry (SPC 1944-46, PY1948) sadly passed away on November 17 in Ballarat, aged 89 years.

Tributes from family and friends said they would miss John’s sense of humour and kind and caring nature and he was described as a “truly compassionate and generous gentleman”.

John was a boarder at SPC from Horsham. He attended in the 1940s and was later followed by his son Michael (SPC 1984-85). During his time at SPC, John was placed second in the Christian Doctrine (Special) in Intermediate in 1946.

He was also a member of the Intermediate Literary and Debating Society committee, a member of the cadets and the No. 3 Platoon. John was also a handy athlete, winning the Under 16 220 Yards in 1946.

John Sharry in his Intermediate B class photo in 1946.

John Sharry in the Platoon Number 3 photograph in the 1946 College Annual.