John Tenison-Woods (SPC 1962-64)

February 17, 2021

John Tenison-Woods in his Matriculation class photograph in 1964.

We extend our sympathy to Glenys and son James on the passing of their husband and father, John Tenison-Woods (SPC 1962-64) on January 3, 2020, aged 74 years.

John Tenison-Woods in the Fourths football team in 1964.

John was a boarder from East Brighton and completed his matriculation in 1964. During his time at St Patrick’s, John played footy for Nunan House in the Park competition, as well as in the Thirds and Fourths. He received a chemistry prize at SPC in 1963 and further excelled in this field after matriculating.

After training as an industrial chemist, John went on to specialise in Metal Finishing and electroplating and became an international consultant in his field. He worked in England, Europe, USSR, South America and the USA, finishing his international career in Egypt. He lived in Frankston in his later years. His wife Glenys fondly remembers John loved a challenge in work and travelling and meeting people, and the family miss him very much.

John Tenison-Woods won the SPC Chemistry prize in 1963 and went on to become a successful industrial chemist.