Junior School

July 29, 2022

By Mr Gavin Webb, Director of the Junior School

Academic Assembly

The College’s Academic Assembly (Chris Nolan awards) was held on Tuesday, July 26. As a College, we place great importance on recognising those students whose results have placed them in the top 10% of their respective year level. I also wish to acknowledge all students for their efforts in Semester 1, for some, placing in the top 10% is probably not viable, but knowing you have done your absolute best is also a wonderful result. It was great to see so many parents in attendance in support of your son. See the list of award winners below.

Junaid Ali 7J
Ren Asai 7G
Liam Banks 7G
Tom Beaston 7G
Lachlan Cameron 7D
Riley Cartledge 7C
Paddy Casey 7B
Jack H Clark 7E
Thomas Cook 7G
Alexander Dalton 7G
James Dart 7D
Raphael Galias 7H
Riley Hayes 7C
Mitchell Korosec 7J
Kingston Kydd 7H
Lachlan Lane 7I
Archer Martin 7C
Archie Morris 7F
Jaryd Morrison 7A
Ned Porter 7H
Oliver Quick 7A
George Reinehr 7D
George Rogers 7E
Patrick Snowden 7I
Patrick Stute 7D
Cooper Beseler 8C
Noah Buttler 8H
Patrick Buttler 8I
Jacob Carthew 8D
George Charles 8C
Nathan Coles 8D
Daniel Crockett 8E
Ned Cummins 8H
Finn Curran 8J
Gurnoor Singh Dhinni 8J
Hudson Eales 8J
Justin Goodison 8J
Joshua Hayes 8C
Seth Hynes 8H
Tate Koleski 8D
Alejandro Lopez 8H
Myles Lovison 8G
Jack Manley 8I
Archer Mohr 8D
Joel Molloy 8G
Blake Scott 8I
Jacob Sinclair 8H
Lachlan Squire 8H
Miller Stott 8I




Brainstorm Productions

On Monday, July 25, all Year 7 and 8 students viewed  a drama performance from Brainstorm Productions. The main themes were body image, eating disorders and mental health. The boys should be congratulated for the way they entered into the session and no doubt have taken away many lessons moving forward. We understand the transition to secondary college and all the physical, emotional and social changes that are accruing can place huge anxieties on everyone from time to time. Hopefully after viewing this production the boys can see that they are not alone in the challenges they are being presented with.

Key Dates

Friday, Aug 5 – Whole College Mass

Friday, Aug 12 – Student free day

Monday, Aug 15 – Student free day

Tuesday, Aug 16 – Social Justice Assembly

Friday Sep 2 – Father’s Day Mass and Breakfast

Tuesday, Sep 6 – Year 8 Health Day with Loreto (more details to come)

Best wishes

Mr Gavin Webb

Director of Junior School