Junior School

August 11, 2022

By Mr Gavin Webb, Director of the Junior School

Mid-term check

We are now at the halfway mark of the term. Be it in business, sport or any aspect of your life, we all must continually review and strive to improve ourselves and others around us. Year 7 and 8 students are no different, so what now?

I would strongly encourage each boy to complete a self review of all aspects of their schooling. This includes organisation, completion of work, in class engagement, social interaction, punctuality and the list goes on. One way to do this is the Start, Stop, Keep review method. What do I need to start doing, what do I need to stop doing and what do I need to keep doing? No doubt there are plenty of positives and I have seen first-hand the development of the boys over the course of the year. It is important to note that you don’t just work on your weaknesses but also continue to work on your strengths. At this young age they are far from the finished product but adopting a “I will, I can, I’ll try” attitude will go a long way towards fast tracking the development, both in and out of the classroom.

Australian Maths Competition

Friday, August 5, saw the following boys compete in the Australian Maths Competition. After a couple of COVID impacted years, it was wonderful to see this return to its normal format, congratulations boys.

Copeman Elijah 7
Quick Oliver 7
Anderson Jaii 7
Bullen Angus 7
Casey Paddy 7
Clark Jack 7
Goddard Jackson 7
Johnston Xavier 7
Mawdsley Chace 7
O’Kelly Declan 7
Shaw Liam 7
Rogers George 7
Jaensch Ryder 7
Morris William 7
Porter Ned 7
Cleary Nash 7
Elliott Josh 7
McKinley Rhys 7
Palmer Eddie 7
Pangallo Cruz 7
Roney Jack 7
Snowden Patrick 7
Callanan Beau 8
Mulcock Tom 8
Drever Ethan 8
McKay Paddy 8
Beseler Cooper 8
Charles George 8
Hayes Josh 8
Simanjuntak Jeremy 8
Koleski Tate 8
Mohr Archer 8
Waight Harry 8
Crockett Daniel 8
Heaton George 8
Oates Wyatt 8
Clark Harry 8
Eales Noah 8
Lovison Myles 8
Molloy Joel 8
Cummins Ned 8
Dekker Eddie 8
Hynes Seth 8
Kargaran Noah 8
Lopez Alex 8
Seamons Lachlan 8
Sinclair Jacob 8
Squire Lachie 8
Buttler Patrick 8
Crane Tyler 8
Manley Jack 8
Robertson Jacob 8
Sandlant Flynn 8
Scott Blake 8
Stott Miller 8
Torpey Lochie 8
Curran Finn 8
Dhinni Garry 8
Eales Hudson 8
Goodison Justin 8
Maldonado Luis 8


Key Dates

Friday, August 12 – Student free day

Monday, August 15 – Student free day

Tuesday, August 16 – Social Justice Assembly

Friday, September 2 – Father’s Day Mass and Breakfast

Tuesday, September 6 – Year 8 Health Day with Loreto (more details to come)


Best wishes

Mr Gavin Webb

Director of Junior School