Junior School Report

June 16, 2020

We have now been back for two weeks and what a busy but wonderful two weeks it has been. Aspects of College life we used to take for granted like assemblies, BAS sport events, excursions and guest speakers, and so on, are not happening at the moment but this forced change has given us a chance to really focus on delivering quality teaching and learning, which is our core business. All staff have learnt a lot in recent times, particularly in regard to the use of ICT. Some aspects of Microsoft Teams will now be utilised on a full-time basis moving forward for example.

As you are aware many school events scheduled for term 2 have been cancelled but some may happen in Term 3 or 4, watch this space. Some events will happen at the scheduled time in Term 3 but they will be in another format e.g. online or virtual. Yes, these experiences will be different but there will still be plenty to be gained out of these events. The College calendar is very fluid at the moment, and we will be guided by the Government and then act and make decisions from there.

Please continue to keep an eye out on the College’s website and Facebook page for official correspondence, as well as your emails. There has been some change from previously advertised dates, so please take note.

Key dates

Thursday, June 25 – Students last day of term, 3.25pm finish (was previously Friday, June 19.

Friday, June 26 – Staff day (report writing etc.)

Monday, July 13 – Term 3 commences, all students and staff normal classes (this previously was a staff professional development day).

  • Please note that no Junior School Exams will be held (normally to conclude Semester 1 the boys complete a number of exams in class time).

Please note

  • Full winter uniform required (long pants). The College Shop is open.
  • If wearing a spray jacket/coat it must be SPC, no Kathmandu etc.
  • Hair neat and tidy and no piercings. Phone kept in locker.
  • Canteen will not be open before school or recess, a “lunch” time ordering system has been developed (I would strongly encourage your son to bring his own food and drink bottle).
  • Traditional bubble taps are no longer, water bottle refill stations have been put in place.
  • Ensure your device is fully charged overnight ready for the next day.
  • Bags to be stored in lockers as normal.
  • Common sense needs to prevail, take social distancing seriously, listen to your teacher and continue to work hard.
  • Enjoy and cherish the time to catch up with your mates!

The vast majority of Junior School students have been exceptional in the way they have handled the current situation, in and out of the classroom. Clearly many ongoing conversations have occurred at home surrounding hygiene and the changed world we live in. The level of maturity and respect that has been demonstrated has been sensational. It has been great to see the boys interacting with each other and College staff. That human element of being a part of St Patrick’s is very hard to define or measure, but it is obvious to see that it is a vital ingredient. We look forward to finishing the term off strongly in week 11, before finishing on Thursday, June 25, at 3.25pm.


Mr Gavin Webb

Director of Junior School