Junior School Report

July 23, 2020

A warm welcome to all students, staff and parents to Term 3. Again, we find ourselves in challenging circumstances, which can change daily. It is vital that all boys feel safe upon their arrival and throughout the day. The College’s management team has continued to provide the necessary cleaning to be performed on a daily basis. If any concerns do arise please do not hesitate to contact the College.

The vast majority of students have returned to school with a level of calmness, mixed with eagerness to learn. This has been great to see, approaching all learning opportunities with an open mind and the necessary grit required to succeed can only result in a positive experience. We did, however, see the need to have Year level assemblies in week one. This was to remind students of the College’s expectations in regard to behaviour, conduct and academic requirements. These were spelt out very clearly by the Year Level Co-ordinators, the Director of Students and Principal! Boys who transgress will face the necessary consequences, be it a detention, phone call home, parent meeting or suspension etc.

Staff returning in Term 3

Sarah Kochskamper (maternity leave)

Ash Giampaolo (maternity leave)

Shannon Thompson (maternity leave)

Claude Procaccino (Long service leave)

Brooke Brown (Yr 7 co-ord.)

Welcome back!


Some events will happen at the scheduled time in Term 3 but they will be in another format e.g. online or virtual. While other events have been cancelled, such as the Year 8 camps, which were to be during weeks 4 and 5 of Term 3. The College calendar is very fluid at the moment, and we will be guided by the Government and then act and make decisions from there.

Please continue to keep an eye out on the College’s website and Facebook page for official correspondence, as well as your emails.

“Activity Afternoons”

In exciting news, we can announce that we will be running some afternoon activities in Weeks 3,4 and 5 (1:50 – 3:25pm).

Week 3

Yr 7 – Wednesday, July 29, Day 3

Yr 8 – Thursday, July 30, Day 4,

Yr 9 – Friday, July 31, Day 5

Week 4

Yr 7 – Friday, August 7, Day 10

Yr 8 – Wednesday, August 5, Day 8

Yr 9 – Thursday, August 6, Day 9

Week 5

Yr 7 – Thursday, August 13, Day 4

Yr 8 – Friday, August 14, Day 5

Yr 9 – Wed, August 12, Day 3

– Basketball, soccer, table tennis, football, music (stomp), drama, eGames, board games.

– Boys to sign up on Microsoft Forms. Staffing TBC. More information will be sent out by Ms Tina Benoit (Head of Sport).

Key dates

Friday, July 31 – Reports released

Monday, August 17 – Student free day, staff PD.

Tuesday , August 18 – P/T/I’s

Wednesday, August 19 – P/T/I’s (More details to come)

Thursday, August 20 – P/T/I’s

Monday, Aug 24 – Friday, Aug 28 – Year 7 Retreats, at SPC.


  • Full winter uniform required (long pants). The College shop is open.
  • If wearing a spray jacket/coat it must be SPC, no Kathmandu etc.
  • Hair neat and tidy and no piercings. Phone kept in locker.
  • Canteen will not be open before school or recess, a “lunch” time ordering system has been developed.
  • Traditional bubble taps are no longer, water bottle refill stations have been put in place.
  • Ensure your device is fully charged overnight ready for the next day.
  • Bags to be stored in lockers as normal.
  • Common sense needs to prevail, take social distancing seriously, listen to your teacher and continue to work hard.


Mr Gavin Webb

Director of Junior School