Junior School Report

August 19, 2020

By Mr Gavin Webb, Director of the Junior School

Remote Learning 2.0

The positive feedback from boys, parents and staff in regard to settling back into remote learning certainly has been reassuring. Many lessons were learnt by all from earlier in the year, especially in terms of navigating our way in and around MS Teams. It is evident that the majority of boys are much more prepared for what is in store for each subject, what the general expectations are and how to seek help, the same can be said for teaching and learning support staff as well. We are all in this together so I can’t stress enough the importance of communication, a willingness to have a go and a bit of resilience!

Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews

Thank you to all families who took the opportunity to have “face-to-face” conversations on Tuesday afternoon with SPC staff. Who would have thought at the beginning of the year that we would be conducting the interviews through MS Teams? Prior to this there has been plenty of communication via phone calls and email to iron out any concerns but to be able to meet online and reinforce what your son has achieved, been doing well and where improvements are needed was invaluable. If any follow up is required, as the eight minutes was not enough time to thoroughly discuss your son’s progress, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant teacher to organise a time to meet again online, email or on the phone.

Key dates

The College calendar is very fluid at the moment to say the least! Please continue to keep an eye out on the College’s website and Facebook page for official correspondence, as well as your emails.

Stay safe!


Mr Gavin Webb

Director of Junior School