Junior School Report

December 4, 2020

By Mr Gavin Webb, Director of the Junior School

Congratulations and well done to everyone on your efforts over the past eight weeks after returning from remote learning. I particularly want to acknowledge the boys and their families for all you have done during this time, especially as we are still operating under some COVID-19 restrictions. In a time of much uncertainty one thing that has been reiterated is that as parents, you are the primary educator of your children and the combined effort of “home” with the support of teachers, enhanced learning, learning support officers, IT department, the College’s Wellbeing team (counsellors, REC) and office staff have all had a role to play in the educational journey of your son in term 4 at St Patrick’s College. Without the combined effort of all, the learnings from Term 4, both in and out of the classroom, would not have been possible. A sincere thank you to everyone.


Boys need to be congratulated on the way they approached the English, Maths, Humanities and Science Exams this week. A lot of preparation and revision had gone into these and certainly is a learning curve, which will hold them in good stead for the future.


Friday morning saw the revamped Junior School Awards Ceremony held in the Pavilion. It was wonderful to be able to address the Year levels as a cohort, one of very few for the whole year. All award winners should be proud of their achievements, whilst some who may not have won an award should be equally as proud of their year. For some it may be a time to reflect and set new goals for 2021. See below for the final list of winners.

Year 7

Cody Torney  Year 7 Dux (overall)
Lenny Ward  Year 7 Proxime Accessit
Will Flanagan  Year 7 Religious Education
Cody Torney  Year 7A Dux
Lachy McPhan  Year 7A Proxime Accessit
Cody Torney  Year 7A Religious Education
Kade Robinson  Year 7B Dux
Deacon Towk  Year 7B Proxime Accessit
Charlie Elliott  Year 7B Religious Education
Patrick Gowans  Year 7C Dux
Olin Stevens  Year 7C Proxime Accessit
Patrick Gowans  Year 7C Religious Education
Xavier Nunn  Year 7D Dux
Noah Kerr  Year 7D Proxime Accessit
Levi Lawler  Year 7D Religious Education
Alex Clarke  Year 7E Dux
Nic Ruyg  Year 7E Proxime Accessit
Henry Reinehr  Year 7E Proxime Accessit
Nic Ruyg  Year 7E Religious Education
Cameron Frame  Year 7F Dux
Kristopher Stephens  Year 7F Proxime Accessit
Cameron Frame  Year 7F Religious Education
Cristian Morrison  Year 7G Dux
Cooper Glenwright  Year 7G Proxime Accessit
Christian Morrison  Year 7G Religious Education
Kaden Williams  Year 7H Dux
Paco Wong  Year 7H Proxime Accessit
Paco Wong  Year 7H Religious Education
Lenny Ward  Year 7I Dux
Cooper Clifford  Year 7I Proxime Accessit
Taj Coulter  Year 7I Religious Education


Year 8

Jacob Rae  Year 8 Dux
Sam Hansen  Year 8 Proxime Accessit
Rex van Berkel  Year 8 Proxime Accessit
Sam McDonald  Year 8 Religious Education
Ben Nixon  Year 8A Dux
Owen Murphy  Year 8A Proxime Accessit
Owen Murphy  Year 8A Religious Education
Alex Griffith  Year 8B Dux
Tom Stute  Year 8B Proxime Accessit
Thisen Jayasooriya  Year 8B Religious Education
Paddy O’Brien  Year 8C Dux
Tim Buckland  Year 8C Dux
Pattison Menelly  Year 8C Proxime Accessit
Paddy O’Brien  Year 8C Religious Education
Rex van Berkel  Year 8D Dux
Jack Bennetts  Year 8D Proxime Accessit
Sam Miller  Year 8D Religious Education
Jacob Rae  Year 8E Dux
Eoghan Purser  Year 8E Proxime Accessit
Will Charles  Year 8E Religious Education
Sam Hansen  Year 8F Dux
Gabrielle Freeman  Year 8F Proxime Accessit
Jake Klein    Year 8F Religious Education
Eric Yang  Year 8G Dux
John Hansen  Year 8G Proxime Accessit
Brodie Graham  Year 8G Proxime Accessit
Brodie Graham  Year 8G Religious Education
Tristan Nijhof  Year 8H Dux
Sam McDonald  Year 8H Proxime Accessit
Sam McDonald  Year 8H Religious Education
Josh Gray  Year 8I Dux
Jack Williamson  Year 8I Proxime Accessit
Jack Williamson  Year 8I Religious Education


2021 starting dates

Friday, Jan 29 – Year 7 and 12 commence school

Monday, Feb 1 – Years 8-11 commence school.


Enjoy a peaceful and safe holiday period.


Mr Gavin Webb

Director of Junior School