Junior School Report

April 1, 2021

By Mr Gavin Webb, Director of the Junior School

Congratulations to students, parents and staff, on your efforts in ensuring Term 1 has been a success. Friday, January 29, seems like a long time ago when the Year 7’s entered the gates for the first time, with Year 8’s commencing on Monday, February 1. Many learning experiences have been had, both in and out of the classroom and there is so much to look forward to in Term 2 and beyond, but not before a well-deserved rest over Easter!

I spoke at the Junior School Assembly, early in the year, about having a growth mindset and being prepared to show some grit, as everyone at times will face challenges. This theme is one that I and all Junior School staff will continue to revisit throughout the year. It is important to celebrate the successes, and there have been plenty, but it is equally important to learn from experiences that may not have been deemed successful. I prefer to not use the word failure as I see all experiences as learning opportunities and like to see students make every lesson and day count. The rate of development, physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally that your son is currently experiencing as a 12 or 13 year-old is rapid. It is vital that they are challenged and appropriate feedback is given. As educators we are not judging the intelligence of your son but merely passing comment on where they currently are at in terms of their ongoing development. So, thank you for the support and guidance you have given your son over the first term.

Student Diary

Student diaries have now been in use for a number of weeks, well done to those who have populated their diary with key dates, weekly homework and assessment task dates. Pastoral Tutors will endeavour to sign the diaries over the course of a week/fortnight. As parents, it would be great if you could talk to your son about the usage and importance of using the diary regularly. Improving this skill and creating a habit will improve his organisational and management skills as he progresses into Middle/Senior School and beyond. The diary can be used as a way to communicate with SPC staff, as well as PAM, email and phone.

Athletics Carnival

After a change of date due to wet weather the SPC Athletics Carnival were held today Thursday, April 1. The Main, Hill and Shed Ovals were bathed in sunshine and all students were eager to compete. It was great to see the Junior School Students participate to the best of their ability and encourage others in their House and year level throughout the day. A detailed report of the carnival will be in Ms Tina Benoit’s Sport report in week two of term 2.

Key dates – Term 2

Monday, April 19 Student free day, staff professional development
Tuesday, April 20 Students return
Friday, April 23 Anzac Day Assembly
Tuesday, April 27 College Assembly (Summer Sport wrap up)
Tuesday, May 4 BAS Athletics
Wednesday, May 5 Edmund Rice Day, walkathon, St. Pat’s has talent
Friday, May 7 Mother’s Day Mass and Breakfast


Gavin Webb

Director of Junior School