Junior School Report

May 27, 2021

By Mr Gavin Webb, Director of the Junior School


A big thank you to Peter Brady, who has filled in for Margie Dodd in the role of Year 7 Co-Ordinator since late Term 1. Peter has now finished that stint and will enjoy retirement. Elizabeth Till is now in the role until the end of Term 2. Any communication with the Year 7 Co-Ordinators please email Jacinta Burge and Elizabeth Till.

Year 8 Loreto Interaction Day – Wednesday, May 26

Due to circumstances out of our control the Year 8 Loreto day unfortunately had to be cancelled. Staff have already started to plan the Year 8 “Health” day, which is scheduled for late Term 3.

Year 7 Retreats

Year 7 Retreats will occur in week 8 of Term 2 (June 7 – 11). The staffing and when each Pastoral Care group goes is listed below. No timetabled classes will run on the day and boys are to wear casual clothes. More information will be emailed home closer to the date.

Monday, June 7 7E & 7H J. Burge, B. Earl, R. Browning
Tuesday, June 8 7A & 7G M. Stahl, K. Bird
Wednesday, June 9 7C & 7D J. Willis, J. Ryan
Thursday, June 10 7B & 7I E. Till, P. Tucker, E. Desfosses
Friday, June 11 7F & 7J B. Dix, E. Till, A. Thomsitt


Yard Behaviour

In recent weeks we have seen an increase in the number of boys present to sickbay as a result of rough play on the ovals. This is totally unacceptable and will result in consequences if this type of behaviour continues. As a result of this Year 7 and 8 students will now use the Main Oval for recess and lunch, not Shed Oval.


Junior School exams will commence on Tuesday, June 15, which is the last week of term. Year 7’s will sit an English and Maths exam, while Year 8’s will complete English, Maths, Science and Humanities. A detailed schedule will be released in the coming weeks. Staff will spend the week prior preparing the boys for their exams.

Key dates – Term 2

Mon, June 7 Year 7 Retreats, two Pastoral Care groups per day
Mon, June 14 Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend
Tue, June 15 Junior School Exams commence
Fri, June 18 Junior School exams conclude, last day of term (3:25pm finish)


Mr Gavin Webb

Director of Junior School