Junior School Report

May 7, 2020

Hi all,

Well done to all students in the Junior School for your effort and attitude in the first month of remote learning. The majority of feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive and this is mainly due to the patience and willingness of the boys to learn and take on this challenge head on. Yes, there have been hiccups, but assistance is never far away so continue to reach out to your teachers and seek help. To all parents and guardians, thank you for your patience and support, you certainly remain the primary educator of your son. We are just here to help your son on their way through the early teenage years.

From a staff point of view the amount of work that has been completed, since the news broke that we would be going “remote”, has been staggering on all levels.  This has confirmed to me that SPC is a “living system” and not a “machine” and that there is no model or precedence for organisational change to the level we are experiencing. At times our greatest progress can so often come from the most unexpected places that no amount of planning could have considered.

I have heard the word chaos and chaotic used frequently in recent times…yes, this may be the case but this state of chaos, to a degree, is well ordered and predictable. Chaos does not necessarily mean a lack of control but a new level of order and predictability!

I would ask all students…

  • Are you organised for your class, do you have the required materials?
  • Is your device charged?
  • Are you on the correct Team/Channel?
  • Have you been arriving to class on time?
  • Are you contributing to class discussion?
  • Are you online for the duration of your class (have it open in the background if needed)?
  • Are you uploading your work to the correct place and on time? (Teams/Assignments or email or Learning Areas etc.?
  • Have you responded in a timely manner to Teacher messages/ emails?
  • Are you keeping in touch with your mates?
  • Are you getting outside everyday to exercise and get some fresh air?
  • Are you contributing around the house? (cooking, cleaning, other chores etc.?)

Routine and repetition is vital for boys to have success in the classroom, after a month of remote learning these routines should be established by now. The above checklist is not much different to a “normal” day at St. Pat’s. For the time being remote learning is our reality, so continue to embrace it.


Mr Gavin Webb

Director of Junior School