Junior School Report – May 25, 2017

May 24, 2017

Junior School End of Semester Exams

Junior School exams are not too far away. Over coming weeks the boys in Years 7 & 8 will be preparing for their exams. Year 7 students will be preparing for their first set of exams, they will sit exams in English and Mathematics. Year 8 boys will be sitting exams in English, Mathematics, Humanities and Science.

The exam timetable will be adhered to and no alternate arrangements will be accommodated for students leaving early for holidays or medical, dental and other appointments. We ask that the planning for such events does not clash with the allotted exam times.

Please refer to the schedule below

Sessions 2 & 3

(9am -10:30am)

Sessions 4 & 5

(10:55am- 12:25pm)

Wednesday, June 14

Year 7 & 8 English

Year 8 Humanities

Thursday, June 15

Year 7 & 8 Mathematics

Year 8 Science

Friday June 16

Year 8 Advanced Maths