Junior School Report – November 9, 2017

November 8, 2017

Year 7 Presentation Evening

This year’s Junior School Presentation Evening will take place on Thursday, November 30th at 7:30pm in the O’Malley Sports Centre. All Year 7 boys are expected to attend as they will be performing as part of the Year 7 band and choir.

Academic sporting and cultural prizes will be presented on the night. Boys will need to wear full College uniform. All of the family is invited, come along and enjoy an entertaining evening to celebrate the good things that have taken place throughout the school year.

Junior School Exams

Junior School exams will take place between December 4-7. Over the coming weeks subject teachers will be working with boys to assist them with the planning of their study and preparation for exams.

It is an expectation that boys sit exams. It would be appreciated if dental and medical appointments not be made during exam times. Exams will only be sat during the designated times; no alternate arrangements will be made for students absent during exam week.

Please refer to the exam schedule below:

Monday, Dec. 4

Tuesday, Dec. 5

Wednesday, Dec. 6

Thursday, Dec. 7

Friday, Dec. 8

  • Year 7 English Exam

    (sessions 4 & 5)

  • Year 7 Pupil-free day 2018 Yr 7 Orientation Day

  • Year 7 Mathematics Exam

    (sessions 4 & 5)

  • Year 7 Humanities Exam (sessions 2 & 3)
  • Year 7 Science Exam

    (sessions 4 & 5)

  • Exam correction Day
  • Year 7 & 8 call-back day

  • Year 8 English Exam

    (sessions 4 & 5)

  • Year 8 Mathematics Exam

    (sessions 4 & 5)

  • Year 8 Humanities Exam

    (sessions 4 & 5)

  1. Year 8 Science Exam

    (sessions 4 & 5)


Year 7 Study Day/ 2018 Year 7 Orientation Day

A reminder that Year 7 boys are not required at school on Tuesday December 5, as we shall be holding the Orientation day for 2018’s Year 7 students.

This year’s Year 7 boys will have a study day at home to assist them with preparations for their Science exams.