KRC Update

February 19, 2021

by Director of Library and Information Services, Ms Leonie Darken

Business as usual in the KRC!

It is very early days into Term 1 of 2021 and once again we have been COVID challenged.  No doubt we will work together to get through each challenge as it comes our way and in the KRC we will continue to support your boys, providing reading materials, a welcoming space to study, physical and digital resources.

Our WIRED Reading Program continues for students in Years 7 – 9, as well we have an ever-developing Senior Reads collection to engage students moving into their senior years.  Often with the move to secondary school, parents are not sure of the expectations with regards to their son’s reading at home.  The St Patrick’s WIRED Reading Program offers boys dedicated reading time once a fortnight and the expectation is that students reinforce and consolidate their reading skills, by reading each night at home.  Students should devote a portion of their allocated home study time (as outlined in the student diary), to reading.  This is supported by the work of a leading education researcher, Dr. Margaret Merga, when she states:

“Time spent reading for enjoyment is associated with improved literacy outcomes for young people (Clark, 2013; Neff, 2015; OECD, 2010), with regular reading acknowledged as an effective intervention for improving the literacy performance of individuals who have acquired the ability to read independently (Anderson, Wilson & Fielding, 1988; OECD, 2010).”

Reading like all skills, improves with practise so too the enjoyment of a book is consolidated by reading frequently.

We look forward to seeing your boys each fortnight to assist them to select reading materials that they can continue to read at home!  We continue to develop a rounded collection, specifically curated with young adult males in mind.