KRC Update

March 5, 2021

by Director of Library and Information Services, Ms Leonie Darken

It has been a busy fortnight for all things KRC. We have continued to welcome students into the library for a variety of activities. The print hub is a popular drop-in spot, facilitating the boys print needs. We now boast dual photocopiers that allows for quicker access to print jobs for both staff and students.

This week culminated in us celebrating World Book Day. Students were encouraged to visit the library to borrow a book outside their designated WIRED reading session and were delighted to receive a lollipop for their efforts. Unsurprisingly, we saw more than 170 students visit the library to borrow a book during recess and lunchtime. This was not publicized and showed the great strength of word of mouth advertising!

Further to my last Crest article discussing the importance of home reading, I offer you this informative podcast to listen to, as educators discuss the importance of reading and how parents are able to be a crucial support as we try to develop it as a truly enjoyable activity.