KRC Update

August 5, 2021

by Director of Library and Information Services, Ms Leonie Darken

Reading For Pleasure – both parents and students

As parents you are often met with a myriad of expectations.  The article I have highlighted below is one I would hope may initiate some positive consideration on your behalf.  It is a well know fact that young people learn from the examples they see in their daily lives i.e., from their parents.    In the library we are constantly promoting the benefits of reading for pleasure, in particular our WIRED (Wired Interest Reading for English Development) program.  Another important example for boys may be the reading habits of their parents.  The article Adults engaging in reading for pleasure by Rebecca Vukovic, Deputy Editor of Teacher magazine talks about adults reading for pleasure. The value of a great reading role model can’t be overlooked.  If you are actively reading for pleasure, you are most probably inadvertently assisting your son as he navigates developing his own reading habits, as the article states:

“When you immerse yourself in a book, the neuroscience tells us that what happens in the brain is a little bit like what happens when you meditate.  It actually helps us to relax and to think and to move into some kind of other space.  It’s not an escapist space, but it’s an enriching space.”