KRC Update

October 14, 2021

by Director of Library and Information Services, Ms Leonie Darken

How lovely to see students once again taking advantage of the many aspects of the KRC.   We have welcomed back our WIRED classes and are pleased to see many boys borrowing to extend their reading for enjoyment experiences.  To challenge the boys to break old habits and to further hone their skills of locating a good book for them to read, we have moved the collection around, placing Genres less explored in slightly more prominent positions and moving the regular habitual “go to’s” (like sport and humour).

Overdue notices were turned off during remote learning and have now been turned on again. Boys will receive overdue notices regularly until an item is almost 80 days overdue.  The intent is to give them sufficient notice so as not to have to contact parents, however, if a student does not respond, we then inform parents that the billing process has begun.  This by no means, means that the boys can’t return the book.  If with Mum or Dad’s assistance and encouragement, the book is located and returned in good shelf order, the billing process is reversed.  Parent understanding and assistance of this process is very much appreciated.